excuse the sucky set, fixing that laytuuur. (:

so i love spiral tie-dye shirts! they are so easy to make, so here are the directions. (:

1 ; take a plain white shirt and put it into a bucket of water. after a few minutes, take it out and squeeze out excess water.

2 ; start twisting from the center of the shirt to make the shirt into a spiral. it should end up looking like a spiral shell after completely twisting it. 

3 ; put a rubber band on the spiral, forming two equal halfs. put another band around it, forming 4 equal halfs, then put a 3rd band around it, forming 6 equal halfs. there should be 6 triangles, like a pizza. 

4 ; take the dye from whatever kit your using and use whatever color you want to go over the shirt. i suggest putting a different color on each wedge, and make sure you SATURATE it. or, just put one color over the entire thing, and another color over that. that is a messier approach. 

5 ; let the shirt sit for 8-10 hours. (: i usually put mine outside with nothing on it to dry, but if you want deeper color results, put it into a plastic bag.

this always works for me, so hopefully it will work for you! (: if this is hard to follow, youtube has many videos on it as well you can additionally watch. (:
i appreciate all those who have read this. thank you ♥
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