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We all know how boring a school uniform can be if your school requires you to wear one. I go to a uniform school myself, and my uniform can get pretty boring and limited. Here are some ways to let your personal style shine though!

O1♥: Jewellery 

Just because your uniform has to be boring doesn't mean your jewelry does too. Big, bold pieces of cocktail jewelry will make a statement of style. Oversize baubles, from pearl bracelets and brass pins to lacquered rings, add a punch of personality to any outfit! You can find a ton of cheep jewellery like this at Forever21.

O2♥: Tights & Knee High Socks & Legwarmers

Try a cute pair with bows, or ones that match your uniform colours. Tights are also a cute way to wear your shorts during the colder months. Whatever style you choose, be sure to check with your school's uniform policy first! Knee high socks with your skirt or kilt are also a great option if you want to give your uniform more of an indie look. Legwarmers are my go to piece in the fall and winter. They look great with a pair of booties. They also look good paired with a skirt, tights, and oxfords. 

O3♥: Headbands & Bows & Ribbons

Try headbands with stripes or polka dots for something unexpected! Also, the ones with bows attached to them look so cute if your going to wear a curly updo. Clip in bows are also a great option because they come in all sorts of cute patterns and colours. Pull two peices of hair from the front of your face, and clip them at the back together with a bow! I also love tying my hair with a ribbon, or tying it overtop to cover my hair elastic when i'm wearing a ponytail.

O4♥: Scarves

Not all school allows these, but wearing a cute scarf can add a lot of personality to an outfit. I would stock up on a couple. Try ones with different prints like floral or cheetah, or solid colours like beige or white! You can also find ones with unique textures like lace.

O5♥: Shoes

When wearing a uniform, your shoes can make a big statement. Some shoes that look good with a school uniform are:

 ♥ Converse 
 ♥ Booties 
 ♥ Oxfords
 ♥ Vans
 ♥ Moccasins
 ♥ Boat Shoes
 ♥ Ballet Flats
 ♥ Doc Martins
 ♥ Knee High Boots

O6♥: Backpacks

Your backpack should be an expression of you. Whether you like messenger bags, regular backpacks, printed ones, or canvas backpacks. This doesn't necessarily have to match the uniform in my opinion, so go crazy!

O7♥: A Few Things To Keep In Mind

 ♥ Please remember to make sure your colours go together. It doesn't look too good if your uniform colours are beige and burgundy and you decide to wear neon green shoes and a bright pink headband. I know you my want to stand out, but you don't want to look like you can't put an outfit together. 

♥ Choose a look/style that you want to create. For example, one day you could go for an edgier look. This could mean wearing a stud bracelet, a cute scull print scarf, and some black booties. Another day you could go for a girly look by wearing an Eiffel Tower necklace, some pearl earrings and oxfords. This can make creating outfits out of uniform pieces a lot more versatile and fun!

♥ Make sure you read and understand your school uniform policy, so you know whats allowed and what isn't. If your teachers generally like you, and you are a good student, it is easier to get away with minor (but still fairly presentable and inoffensive) adaptations of the dress code. 

♥ Incorporate trends! If polka dots are in, get some polka dot tights, or a scarf! If studs are in, you can wear a stud bracelet or earrings. Just because it's uniform, doesn't mean you can be in style.

Have fun!♥ 

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