Hello everybody and Happy New Year! Only five more hours where I live... then goodbye 2013!!!
That aside, let's move on to the tip...

✪ Practice. The term "practice makes perfect" is true as any term can be. Practice any chance you get so on tryout day you will be ready.

✪ Be Prepared. Be on time and go to tryouts dressed in the appropriate clothes and a positive attitude! Coach will be looking at who seems like they really want to be there. And always put your hair up in a tight ponytail that's out of your face. 

✪ Be nice to everyone there. Coach looks for people who are great teammates. Don't go and look like you're the best. Encourage everyone else and don't brag. If you mess up don't throw a fit, just try harder next time you're up.

✪ Try to be involved, ask questions but don't be annoying. Be funny and energetic but don't make everything a joke. They want to see you excited for the sport but serious about it at the same time.

✪ Afterwards, don't be the first one to leave. Don't run off to change and seem like it's a relief for you to leave. Again, look like you're interested in the sport and are a tad bit upset to leave. 

Hope this helps for anyone preparing to try out for a new sport this semester! I also hope that you have a fantastic 2014. Stay beautiful Xx
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