Haha ok first if you think this is stupid, don't bother telling me :p You're wasting your unworthy time. :/
I tried this out (didn't try tricking out anyone yet though) and it worked really good :D

Credit to a website I found this on with my cousin Amanda(:

 *O1; Gather your materials: Elmer's glue (LIKE THE ONE PICTURED IN THE SET; NO SUPERGLUE OR ANYTHING!), a bead about 1/8 of an inch (you can take one off an old necklace or you may have some lying around. I used one of those little silver, plastic beads and it worked well), and a tissue.
 *O2; Open the glue bottle and put the SMALLEST dab of glue possible on your finger. It will already be a bit too much.
 *O3; Lightly dab the glue where you'll put it in your belly button. Try doing it at the top of the inside of your belly button.
 *O4; Place the bead on top of the glue before it dries. Surprisingly, the little bit of Elmer's glue will hold it there, so gently remove your finger after placing it in your belly button (awkward a bit, I know, haha:D).
 *O5; Take the tissue and wipe of extra glue on your hands.
 *OPTiONAL; Many people think that a belly button stud looks just like a stud in you belly button, and aren't a aware that there's actually a little ball above your belly button holding it in (look at the picture in the set). If you're tricking your parents, they probably wouldn't know that, so you can leave it. If you're tricking your friends, they probably know what a belly button piercing looks like, so you might want to glue another silver bead, but a tiny bit smaller than the other one you used, a little above your belly button like in the picture. However, I'm not so sure how this looks (close up). It should look real from a foot away though.

Ok so maybe some of you might just want a fake belly button piercing since your parents won't let you get a real one. So you may just wear this is you're like a the beach or something.
But I bet a lot of you want to pull a prank on someone, so . . . 
 *YOUR PARENTS; Ok so the first thing you do is beg your parents to get your belly button pierced if you know they'll say no, and say you even have the money to pay for it. Beg for a few days, then stop.
Next, go to a mall where you can get piercings done with your friends. Have your friends' parents drive you, or even better, their older cousin/sibling that are over 18. When they find out "you got your belly button pierced" they're going to want to know who took you since you need an adult with you.
Come home with maybe one bag from a place you shopped while you were there, and if you went anywhere else, stuff those bags in the largest bad you have or in your purse. You don't want your parents to think you did a lot when you were there since you were "getting your belly button pierced. This is all to help lead up to when you tell them/they find out you "got your belly button pierced".
A few days later, put in your fake belly button piercing in. You can either pretend it's infected and tell them (make it red using blush or something), or have them see it when you're going to the beach or something and wearing a bikini.
Hopefully they'll believe you, but after take the bead out (just pull it out; it'll come right out) and tell them it's fake. Haha :D

Friends are definitely harder to trick. But make sure to tell them you've been begging for a belly button piercing forever. Then text them in caps saying: MY PARENTS ARE LETTING ME GET MY BELLY BUTTON PIERCED TOMORROW! (so it isn't just like you tell them you got one out of the blue; they'll know when you're going).
You should probably have your parents in on this one, whether you friends want to talk to them to if it's true or not.
Get together with your friends soon and show them it (after of course you put the fake piercing in). If they ask to see it, just say it needs to stay in so the hole doesn't close. You may want to dust a bit of blush around it to look a bit red from being newly . . . holed? Haha, Idk.

Well that's my tip(: It may seem a bit weird (when I saw it I wasn't going to even to it since it sounded weird, but my cousin Amanda who's on Polyvore tried it), but it actually looks real since people won't be 2 inches from your belly button looking at it :D

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