First Tip Ever!
Okay so at camp I did this alll the time...really fun/cute/easy for summer. Sorry I couldn't find a picture of it :( Google it though?
Step 1: Get a bandana, or more than one if you want your bracelet to be colorful.
Step 2: Cut your bandana into strips (fairly thin, 3 strips...maybe about and inch wide per strip or less...your choice and the entire length of bandana)
Step 3: Soak the strips in water til they are all wet.
Step 4: Tie your 3 strips together at the top.
Step 5: Braid away...if you cant braid...I cant help :/ 
Step 5: Tie a knot at the end. 
Step 6: Tie around wrist, ankle, etc.
Enjoy :)

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