Hey guys, it's Emily(: I know we did a tip like this a while ago, but I thought I would do another. This is mainly for girls who will be freshman next year(:

FIRST OF ALL. Highschool is awesome(: It really is. There will be lots of ups & downs, but it's all worth it. I go to a school with 6OOO kids. Yeah. Every high school is different. Some are small, some are big. Some are strict, some aren't. You just have to adapt to where you are. But trust me- you'll like it(:

-Most high schools have an orientation or tours, so make sure you go! It's important to see the school before you go and what it has to offer. 
-Each teacher will give you a supply list, but I would make sure you have binders for each class, LOTS AND LOTS of pencils, pens, highlighters, folders, NOTEBOOKS AND PAPER x100000, etc.
-If you can, get your schedule and go to all your rooms before the first day so you know where you're going and the quickest way there.
-Make sure you know your bus number & stop, or where the carpool lane is & how long it takes to get to school so you're not late!

-If you're allowed, go to school before the first day to put all your stuff in your locker (you can also find your classes then).
-Make sure you have extra feminine products, perfume, deoderant, extra clothes (shorts, top, socks, flipflops, etc.), mints, gum, bobby pins, concealer, lotion, chapstick, ANYTHING YOU THINK YOU MIGHT NEED. Better safe than sorry.
-Snacks! Most teachers let you eat in class, and you do get hungry. So pack some yummy & healthy snacks!
-Hang your schedule, cute pics of friends, a mirror, and decorations if you want(:

-You will have a lot of homework. I would recommend getting a planner (unless your school gives you one) and a homework folder to keep organized.
-TAKE GOOD NOTES AND KEEP IMPORTANT QUIZZES, TESTS, AND HANDOUTS. These are going to be really helpful and important come finals!
-Speaking of finals, YOU WILL HAVE ONE+ IN EVERY CLASS. So it's really important you're organized and pay attention in class.
-PAY ATTENTION. Your teachers aren't going to baby you and they won't repeat things a million times. Get important dates and info to stay on top of things.
-HIGH SCHOOL IS IMPORTANT. Just putting that out there. You WILL have to study and do a lot of work. It's important to strive for good grades as colleges will see your transcript. It won't be the end of the world if you get a C in one class, but remember to work your best and do extra credit if you can.

-You will make a lot of new friends and lose some old ones. People change ALOT. That's not always bad thing, but youa have to know who's good for you (influence wise, etc.) and who's not. 
-Make good decisions. I know you hear this from your parents, but really. Just because someone (or a lot of people) are doing something, doesn't mean you need to (or should!). 
-Remember your goals and dreams! This is what you're working for!
-Have fun and get involved! The best part of high school is making memories, having experiences, and meeting new people. You will never regret being involved in your school. It's also good for you college application!
-BE CONFIDENT. I can't stress this enough. Highschool is SO much easier if you just put youself out there and meet new people and do things.
-BE YOURSELF. Another thing I can't stress enough. People should like you for you.
-NOT EVERYBODY HAS A BOYFRIEND OR IS IN A RELATIONSHIP. So don't rush into one just because you think you're the only one - because you won't be(:

There's SO many more things I could talk about, but it comes down to this:

Do your best, be yourself, get involved, remember your goals, and have fun. The rest will make sense later(:

Feel free to PM me with questions(:

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