This set is a bit different. I usually put flowers on the back but today I decided to make a set with circles in the back. This set inspired me to have the idea to use circles @believerofhope you should follow her, her sets are amazing.
I don't know if it looks good or just bad. I'm not sure, just was experimenting.
Anyways, do any of you guys blog? If you do, what are some tips or advice you can give me on what you did when you made it to become what is today? I have a blog but it looks horrible and I love to write but I feel like it's no use if no one really reads them. I mean, I don't really care for how many followers I have because if I like to write, then that's all it matters but I wish I had some sign of someone at least reading my posts. This is my 4th blog. I deleted my 1st 3 and all non successful. It'll make it more worth it to write. You don't have to look at my blog or anything but are there some simple ways or tutorials on making your blogs better (for looks and maybe writing too). 

Also, I think it'll be nice to have someone working on a blog with me. Like help me write posts and just be part of the blog. Maybe we can both put what we both know together and the blog might become awesome. If you want to make a blog or work w/ me, message me and we can talk about it.We don't have to use the blog I have or anything, we can just make a brand new one. I don't know if this is going to work, but this is worth a try :)
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