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@starstruckkspasms asked for Logan and Noah interaction, this came out of it, though somehow I doubt this is what you had in mind (it certainly wasn't what I had in mind) but it happened. Also I’m going to go catch up on everyone’s stories I’ve gotten behind on now :) I like this story but it’s also super disjointed and long, so sorry about that.

Current Location: London, England
Date: March 14, 2018
Age: 34

Let me tell you something, a sick 18 month old baby is nothing fun. A sick 18 month old baby after coming off a 20 hours shift wrapping up a serious bodily harm case? That was hell on earth. Sophie had finally quieted down enough that she was taking a nap so I’d taken the opportunity to text Logan asking him to buy some more baby cough mixture on the way home and gotten changed.

Of course then Logan had decided to call, which had woken Sophie up screaming.

“Jesus fcking christ.” I gave myself a second to let out my frustration before I took a deep breath, picking Sophie up and answering the phone.

“What?” I snapped down the line, cradling Sophie to my chest trying to calm her at the same time “You’re meant to be home in like 30 minutes what was so important you couldn’t wait?”

“That’s the thing,” Logan said nervously, “Something’s come up. I’m going to have to pull an all nighter.” Which was complete BS.

“Logan before I told you Sophie was sick you told me you couldn’t wait to get home.” Usually, especially since Sophie had been bored, I made an effort not to snap at Logan but right now I was tired and stressed and running on less than no sleep civility was bottom of my priority list.

“And I was but something’s come up,” He was trying to sound honest and strong but he just sounded all shift. What a dick.

“Yeah Sophie’s sick and you don’t want to have to deal with it.” The only thing stopping me from yelling at him down the phone was the fact Sophie’s little head was cradled on my shoulder (And thankfully now she was whimpering and not actually sobbing)

“That’s not true!” he said and really when had he become such an awful liar.

“That’s a lie and we both know it.” I snapped, really wanting to pinch the bridge of my nose or something except for the fact I had no hands free, “But I’m not doing this with you know. Come home when your ready to be a decent husband and farther no sooner.” I hung up on him feeling a vicious sense of relief.

That feeling lasted all of 30 seconds before Sophie started whimpering again. How the fck was I meant to do this alone?


I lasted all of about half an hour before deciding I needed to call someone to help me before I turned into one of those crazy mothers that smothered their baby with a pillow or accidentally killed them in the bath or by falling asleep (let me tell you I’d dealt with more of those mothers than I ever wanted to in my lifetime. More than you could ever imagine). My first thought was to call Estelle before I remember that she had work tonight, and Mila would almost certainly be busy with her own Sofia. Which left one person really.

“Madison to what do I owe the pleasure? Didn’t get enough of me already today?” Lincoln answered the phone in his familiar mocking way.

“Noah.” I said, voice chocking up more than I thought it would which is beyond embarrassing.

Clearly it worried Lincoln “Madison what’s wrong?” He asked, “Are you okay? Is Sophie okay?”

“Sophie’s sick.” I said, trying not to cry, “Not like dying or anything she’s just got like a cold but she won’t sleep for more than like 15 minutes and I haven’t slept in almost a day.” I gulped in a breath of air trying really hard not to cry. I hadn’t cried when Sophie was born or when Logan had left. I hadn’t cried over any of the awful bodies I’d seen and I hadn’t cried over Sophia or Dad in years so I wasn’t going to cry of this. “I need help.” I admitted in a whisper, hoping he wasn’t going to take the piss.

Thankfully Lincoln could be a great friend when he needed to be because he didn’t mention it instead he just said, “Alright. I’ll be there in 30 minutes maximum.”

Normally (and okay if I’d had some sleep recently) I would have told him he didn’t have to. Today I didn’t instead I just thanked him and hung up, hugging Sophie to my chest and sitting on the couch, starring at the television until there was a knock on the door.

“That didn’t take you long.” I said to Lincoln, looking up at him, noticing absentmindedly that he looked worried.

“Madison it took me almost 45 minutes.” He said gently, steering me into the house and closing the door behind us.

“Oh. Did it?” I asked absently. Maybe I probably needed a nap.

“How about you give me Sophie,’ He said, not giving me a chance to respond before he took her from my arms, “And go get some sleep.”

“No.” I shook my head emphatically as I sat down on the couch, “I didn’t call you to babysit I just need some help.

“Madison,” He said, cradling Sophie’s tiny little body in his big hands. When had his hands gotten so big that was the important question, “I don’t mind and you need to sleep.” He was being quite firm as he sat down next to me but I wasn’t going to budge! I was going to stay awake!

“No I don’t!” I murmured, resting my head on his shoulder so I could keep an eye on Sophie, “I just need some help.” 


Obviously I had needed sleep because I woke up an indeterminate amount of time later, curled up on the couch under a blanket with my head in Noah’s lap.

“I don’t remember going to sleep.” I muttered, causing him to look away from the tele and down at me.

He looked amused “Well you did. About 10 hours ago.” 

“10 hours!” I shrieked in alarm, sitting bolt upright (and it was a good thing Noah had such quick reflexes that he moved his head out of the way before our foreheads collided) “Where’s Sophie.”

“Relax, she’s sleeping.” Noah soothed, pulling me into a hug which was nice. Really nice.

“Really?” I asked in a small voice, curling my legs up to my chest and burrowing as far into him as I could.

“Really. I think the worst of it has passed.” He confirmed, rubbing my back soothingly.

“Thank you for staying.” I muttered, eyes closed to I couldn’t see his reaction.

“I’m always willing to help out you know that.” He said in a tone that was almost scolding, “But can I ask where Logan was?”

I let out a long suffering sigh, remembering the weak excuses Logan had skived off with last night. “He said he had to work but I think he probably stayed at a hotel room so he didn’t have to deal with an exhausted wife and a crazy baby that wasn’t even his own.” I sighed, so over it I wasn’t even angry anymore. I was just done.

Noah makes a disapproving humming noise but knows better than to make comments on my marriage. This time I’d like to hear what he has to say, is this a deal breaker? Should I even be trying anymore? I don’t even know. 

“Here’s what we’re going to do.” Noah finally says, “You’re going to have a bath, I’m going to make you some tea and then in a couple of hours, let’s say 8am instead of 4:30am we’re going to have breakfast. Sound good?” He asked in a way that basically said no argument.

Still because I’m a little sh.it I had to say something “You’re so fcking British. Tea doesn’t fix everything.” I muttered into his chest.

“You’re fcking British as well if you didn’t notice.” He pulled away from me, rolling his eyes to be dramatic or something, “But it’s more for the caffeine than anything.”

“Coffee has more caffeine than tea.” I muttered, just to be difficult. Still I got up off the couch.

“Shut up and have a bath.” He commanded me, pointing in the general direction of my bedroom and en-suite. 

“Yes sir.” I mock saluted him as I passed, still following his commands because it was nice not to have to think about things sometimes.

“Don’t be cheeky.” He said, before doing exactly that himself and smacking me on the bum as I passed. It said something about how far our relationship had come that I didn’t even say anything at him, just chucked the bird over my shoulder, and listened to his laugh follow me down the corridor.


“Hey Noah!” I singsonged as I made my way out of the bathroom, wet hair wearing only a thin t-shirt and shorts, “I saw you had that one really warm jacket on, can I borrow it?” I called as I made my way into the kitchen before stopping dead.

Noah and Logan were standing on opposite sides of the kitchen counter glaring at each other.

“Umm. What are you guys doing?” I asked, skirting around behind Logan to grab one of the two cups of tea in front of Noah.

Neither of them said anything, though Noah did shrug out of his jacket and wordlessly hand it to me.

“Thanks.” I smiled up at him, pulling it on before turning to Logan, “What are you even doing here?” I asked.

“I do live here.” He pointed out snidely, “And there are jumpers of mine you could borrow.”

“Noah’s is warm from body heat.” I shrugged, which was bullsht but also true because man it was nice and snuggly and warm.

“Noah huh?” Logan leant forwards, in a way that was actually slightly scary not that I’d admit it “Since when has he been Noah?”

“It was the name I was born with mate,” Noah finally spoke up, in his snidest and bit.chiest tone of voice. The one he used to use on my constantly but that I hadn’t heard in years.

“I mean since when did you start calling him Noah?” Logan asked snappily, which made me pause and consider it. I exchanged a surprised look with Noah because, that was a good point.

“Ummm about 12 hours ago I guess?” I answered with a shrug, since I hadn’t even noticed I’d done it. Nothing like coming through for you in a crisis to have you referring to your best friend by his first name instead of his surname.

“What he was here playing happy family and now you’re all buddy buddy?” Logan sneered, seriously what crawled into his pants and died.

“I have had it with you.” I hissed, leaning forwards across the counter towards him, “You refused to come home and help me and now you begrudge me for calling someone to help me. Go and fuc.k yourself.” It took all my considerable self restraint not to slap him.

“Why’d you call him, not your sister?” Clearly Logan was just asking to be slapped then because he was being a twat.

“Because she actually had to work last night. Wasn’t using it as an excuse like you were.” I leant away from the counter, so Logan was no longer in arms reach just to take away the temptation. Unfortunately that meant I was also leaning against Noah. So Logan chucked a fit.

“I see how it is, the second I’m out of the picture your sleeping with anyone that will take you.” Logan spat out.

I stood in shock for a second, letting his words sink in unable to believe he’d said that to me (judging by the look on his face he couldn’t believe it either) It was a good thing Noah was standing behind me because he grabbed me round the waist just as I made a move to lunge for Logan across the counter. Instead the mug of tea that was still in my hand shattered, spilling all over Logan’s hands (which gave me a sense of satisfaction).

“Calm the fck down.” Noah whispered in my ear just as Logan started cursing bloody murder. Which of course woke Sophie up.

“Let me go Noah!” I commanded, which he did so I could go running to grab Sophie, cursing Logan quite loudly as I did it. Scooping my little girl into my arms I calmed her down and grabbed the little travel bag of spare clothes and such I always kept ready in her room.

“Right.” I said, re-entering the kitchen to find Noah and Logan exactly where they’d been before, in a staring contest. “I’m going to stay with Noah for a bit. Don’t call me whilst I try and decide if your worth it.” I told him straight out, handing Noah the bag.

“Madison.” Logan said quietly, reaching towards me.

I side stepped him, grabbed my keys and left the house, throwing a “Fck you.” Over my shoulder for good measure.

It wasn’t until I reached the lobby of our building that I realized what I’d done. “Oh sht.” I cursed, leaning back against the wall, drawing the attention of our doorman.

“Alright Ms. Hutchins?” He asked me quietly. 

“Just peachey.” I returned with a tight smile. Clearly it was to early for him because he just nodded at my clear lie and returned his attention to the paper he’d been reading.

“Alright, are you ready to go?” Noah asked, arriving in the lobby. With a tiny (almost unnoticeable) sob I threw myself at him.

“I’m sorry I should have asked.” I said, hugging his as tightly as I could without squashing him between us, “I can stay at a hotel I shouldn’t have invited myself into your house.”

“Madison it’s fine.” He cooed, stroking my hair back off my face, “You know you’re both welcome at my place as often as you’d like.”

I stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek, never more thankful for anyone that I was of him in that moment “Thank you.”

“Any time.” He smiled in return, kissing Sophie’s forehead then mine, “Now lets go home.”


That ended up longer than I expected. Sorry, but at least I’m writing again? Also layout credit goes to @chrissykinz
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A beginning and end.
And than the interesting stuff that happens in between.
Every story is important so why not tell your story however you want.
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Group Rules:
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- Casting is a big deal in this group especially since you are writing about their entire life in a random sort of way. So the only models that are exclusive are character models , love interest (major super important love interests) and really REALLY important people (family , platonic soulmates - otherwise known as bestfriends , etc - just really important.).
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