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I just realised I screwed up the dates of the school term in this. My fucking bad -.-

Ana Hunter; April 9

“You gonna be alright today sweetie?” Imogen asked as she drove me to school bright and early on Monday morning. Seriously it was way to early and I’d get to school earlier than I usually did. On today, the day I wanted to get there just before first period so I could avoid all my friends.

“Physically I’ll be peachy keen,” I smiled at her, trying not to show how fucking sense I felt, “Emotionally I will be a total mess.”

“Aww sweetie,” She let go of the gear stick for a second to squeeze my hand.

“You know it could be considered condescending,” I said conversationally, pulling my legs up to my chest, “the way you call me sweetie and aww at me all the time.”

“You mean you’re only just picking up on that?” She asked jokingly, flicking her eyes sideways to look at me with a smirk plastered across her face, “Wow Ana you’re even slower on the uptake than it thought.”

“If you weren’t driving I would hit you.” I muttered, resting my chin on the top of my knees and staring out the window.

“What are you going to do about your friends?” she asked me, ignoring the threat completely.

“Try and avoid them as much as possible?” I questioned because I really wasn’t sure, “I mean there’s only a week till holidays then I have two weeks of freedom.” I’d been looking forward to them before now I was, well there was no word I could think of to demonstrate how desperate for a break I was.

“Is letting this fester over the holidays a good idea?” She asked me in mild concern.

“I don’t give a toss.” I muttered, bitting on my lip, “I don’t even know what I’m meant to do.” I confessed

There was a sigh from next to me before Imogen spoke again, “What do you want me to say Ana?” She asked softly, “Because if I could make this easier for you I totally would.” Which was cliche and corny and we both knew there was nothing she could do, but still the sentiment made me feel slightly better.

“You could hire a hit man or something.” I suggested half heartedly. Which just caused her to laugh but whatever.

“If I ever come across any hit-men in my travels I’ll be sure to enlist his services just for you.” She managed to gasp out through her laughter. Which hey okay was high unnecessary because it really wasn’t that fucking funny.

“You’ll be first on my list.” I threatened, unable to stop myself grinning and okay if this day had started with laughter maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.


Twenty minutes later I decided I had been so wrong. So very wrong. I was sitting on the limestone wall near the classroom my first period was in, ipod blasting in my ears very resolutely trying not to look at my friends who were standing where they always were. It was probably my imagination, I had an over active imagination and coupled with my self centred personality I tended to think people were talking about me when they really weren’t. But I kept thinking they were looking at me and laughing which okay wasn’t cool. Yes I ditched them and I was angry but I wasn’t fucking badmouthing them.

“Are you having a hissy fit again?” Luke’s voice completely startled me out of my moping and okay I’ll admit I totally jumped slightly.

“Having a what?” I asked him absentmindedly as he leant against the wall next to me, school bag still slung over his shoulder.

“Hissy fit.” He clarified looking amused, “Those things you have really often when things don’t go your way.”

“Fuck you.” I muttered half heartedly, removing one of my headphones and angling my body towards him better, “I don’t have hissy fits.”

“Yes you do,” he smirked at me, “Remember that time in Math in year 9.”

“That hardly counts because 1 it was 3 fucking years ago,” I held up one finger, rolling my eyes to illustrate my point, “And 2,” I held up a second finger, “You called me a stupid heartless bi.tch who no one liked. I think I was entitled.”

“Okay, well details, details.” He said like he didn’t care though at least he had the decency to look kind of ashamed. Or as ashamed as Luke’s smug face was ever going to get, “Fighting with the barbie squad again,” he gestured as subtly as he could towards my friends.

“You’re so observant Luke,” I managed to remain deadpan as I batted my eyelashes at him, “You should be the next Sherlock Holmes.”

“What terrible thing did they do this time that caught you off guard even though it shouldn’t by now?” He asked completely steamrolling my words. Luke had a lot of hate for Willow and Sophia, though he used to date Willow and it ended badly and was mostly her fault. Luke was cynical and hateful at the best of times so it surprised no one he was still bitter.

“Does it matter?” I shrugged, really not wanting to talk to Luke about it. Seriously I’d rather poke my eyes out with the obnoxious fucking pink bow Willow had in her hair this morning then tell Luke why I was being petty and stupid.

“No, just don’t come sitting with us at lunch.” And I’m not gonna lie his words did hurt a little. I hadn’t considered it but hearing I wouldn’t be welcome anywhere was still not very nice to hear.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” I rolled my eyes trying to hide my hurt. And very successfully I might add, or Luke just didn’t care. Okay so maybe I was still a little bitter when it came to Luke but seriously who could blame me.

“Good, thanks.” He said, like I was doing him a fucking favour, “I just really do not want to deal with anymore drama,” He gave me a pointed look and fair enough the last time I sat with them Katy had started hurling abuse at me, making everyone uncomfortable. Still not entirely sure what that was even about but I don’t think I ever want to know.

“It’s fine,” I shrugged, fiddling with my headphone cords, “And hey if worse comes to worse I can always work on my photography assignment.”

“Spending lunch with Mr. Oats, I see how it is.” He teased.

“If it helps me get off his bad-side I’d so do it.” I said, only realising the connotations after I said it and trying to keep a straight face.

“Well if that’s how it is,” He winked at me, standing up straight again, “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” He patted my knee before stopping and thinking, “Actually no, don’t do anything Katy wouldn’t do.” Before walking off.

“She’d do anything,” I called after him, not caring I was probably attracting their attention. Whatever let them see I was actually having fun without them.

It was his reply, yelled back at me over his shoulder that caused the giggling fit. Not hysteria, honestly. “Exactly.”
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