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Name: mary lovett
Age: 21
Occupation: up-and-coming journalist & reporter for one of the biggest dailies in town
Likes: her job, smart people, chicago's nightlife, cigarettes, sequins, wide-leg trousers, lipstick, her bicycle, silent films, people who cooperate
Dislikes: secrets, her work going unappreciated because of her gender, being bossed around, her boss, boredom, knives, operas, playboys, anything that distracts her from doing her job, clumsiness, not being up-to-date, naivety
Bio: born in middle-class chicago and raised by her grandparents, because of a runaway mother and an eccentric teen dad, no one expected Mary Lovett to grow into a successful reporter and journalist. the lovett-family had always been an average, considered family in chicago and while the on-and-off-marriage of mary's parents have been deprecated, Mary herself was the brightest hope for restoring the lovett's reputation.
during childhood Mary learned about the rules of the upper lifestyle - but she found the secrets herself. in time she deep-sixed all the learned rules and special etiquette to find out more about the hidden side. her passion was woken and with her writing talent and modern charm it shouldn't have been hard to find a job. but all she got was an employment as a second secretary at a local press.
well, lucky mary lovett, she caught her boss' eye. he promoted her and she became a /real/ reporter. better than that, her boss introduced her to the 'new upper life' and it looked like she - and her family - would get all they wanted.
however mary knows that there's a lot more than speaking to a few rich men. there are the mobs. and money. her dad taking part in all of this. and her questions all over the place.
but mary won't stop just because it's getting dirty.
Model: ginta lapina
Taken by: @lou-for-lunch

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