~Monday, August 13;
Every dame in Chicago and their main squeeze is climbing into their Ford Model A's for a midnight ride around the town. There's no destination, no plan, nothing. Just a night to enjoy each other's company. But rumor has it the Moulin Rouge is offering an after-midnight special cabaret performance you won't want to miss.


+ Dies Iræ - Used in Metropolis (1927, one of my favorite films of all time, everyone needs to watch it, etc)

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It was that time of the month: I had a boxing match. Michael was way too busy with last minute details for his political campaign, so I didn't have to worry about him. My only issue? I was expected to attend the Moulin Rouge cabaret performance. My darling friend Betty was going to dance tonight and this meant a lot for her. I couldn't let her down.

"Alright Gerry, listen up." My coach, Scott Daniels, said. "Don't let her touch your face." That was obvious. I couldn't afford to be fixing up every bruise with powder makeup. Michael would suspect something if I recoiled in pain whenever he gave me a kiss or something.

"You got it." I nodded.

"Don't let her do foul play." He shook his head, as a reminder of my last match. Imogene Anderson had given me a few low blows and I had to end up in the ER with abdominal pain (at least that was my excuse). "You do /not/ let her rest on you, if she tries to do so, beat the crap out of her and how!"

"She's got a very built chassis..." I pointed out, staring at the monstrosity that was standing in the other side of the ring. Compared to her, I was a petite palooka.

"You can do this. From what I've heard, she's a piker. All talk, no play."

The bell rang, signaling me to go on with the salute. We punched our fists together and listened to the rules. It was time. I looked around casually, trying to see if Ed Mayfield was here. He was keen and something about him made me want him badly. But of course, he didn't even give me a second look.

I was undefeated. Twenty boxing matches, five KOs, I was unstoppable... for now. Harris proved to be a worthy opponent. She was giving me some serious damage on the ribs, her boxing gloves brushing the area again and again. A couple of minutes later I figured I had been distracted by the looks of Ed Mayfield, who was actually invested in the match. I snapped out of it, putting my head back into the game.

I smirked, giving Marilyn Harris a mid blow, right in the middle of her stomach and in that one area where you get breathless whenever you punch it. That's exactly what happened. She stumbled backwards, gasping for air. I took the chance and punched her repeatedly: my fists landing in the stomach, the liver, the face, until she was lying on the ground, signaling for the match to be stopped. Another K.O. to add to my list, I thought.

I did feel bad for Marilyn. She was probably hoping to put a stop to my career, to no avail. Others had tried before, but thankfully no one really seemed to talk about this outside the underground scene. It was my little secret.

"That was a good fight." I heard a deep voice from behind me, his breath sending shivers to my spine. I turned around to see Ed Mayfield, a crooked grin plastered in his face.

"Absolutely." I smiled back, feeling all fuzzy. I had twenty minutes to get ready for the Moulin Rouge.

"Cash or check?"

"W-what?" I looked at him, my eyes wide opened. I had carried a torch on this fella for the longest time and /now/ he decided it was a good time? I didn't think so. "Sorry, I've got plans."

He nodded, "So I'll see you later?"

I nodded back, "Of course, please do excuse me, I've got to get a move on, I'm late."


"Betty, I'm here!" I said, making my way backstage. Everyone was dressed up in their finest, sequins and fringes were everywhere. Only the best dancers were going to perform tonight.

"Gerry!" Betty squealed, embracing me in a hug. "I'm so glad you've made it!"

"Wouldn't miss it for anything in the world." I said and somehow that was true, I had actually turned down the opportunity to make out with the one and only Ed Mayfield and I didn't do it because I was running late.

"Enjoy the show." She gave me a wink, running towards her position on stage.


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