Sei nell'anima // Gianna Nannini

Isabella Malone; tja

~Tuesday, September 11;
The fabulous and exclusive restaurant, West 42nd Street, is hosting a benefit evening tea as a fundraiser. So make sure to show up in your Sunday's best outfits. But what people don't know is that the Moratti's are behind this wonderful charity evening. They need a scheme for making money somehow, eh?


collab with @oedipus

Francis told me about this charity benefit, but it's open to argument how much of this money'll truly go to the orphnage. The Moratti's were the puppet master under this noble undertaking. Obviously people didn't know it, or the won't fund the mafia. Francis picke me up at my apartment, we're alone, he said that Adie'd catch us up later. The reastaurant was full of the sun light and the atmosphere was pleasant even if it was crowdy.

“Shall we take a table?” he asked kindly.

“Of course” I smirked.

We chose a table near to the wall and to an aquarium, he left me the little sofa while he took the chair so that he had his back to the people. 

“I'm really happy that you accepted my invitation” he smirked

“And I'm happy that you actually did it” I said as I took out the my pack of cigarettes.

“Oh no, I owe you a cigarette” he said quickly pulling out his metal cigarette case. I could see his initials carved on the top. He pass it to me and gave me the lighter, everything with his fascinating gaze.

“It's really a beautiful case” I noticed.

“Adie gave me the first time I left the country” he said looking down. It was the same sad-look that he did when we was at the boulangerie when we started talking about the lunch with adie and her dad. It was exactly the same expression.

“You're really lucky to have a friend that take care of you as Adie does”. I really meant it, I've always wished a friendship like that.

“Yes... a friend” he sighed. Suddenly he seemed to wake up “Do you mind if I go to take something to drink?” he said while he stood up “Do you want something too?”.

“Yes please, a dry martini”

“It's only 5 p.m.” he stated laughing.

“Don't worry, I can handle it” I laughed “And you?” I added with a smirk giving him an intensive gaze.

“I got it” he replyed and he moved to the counter.

I put my elbow on the table, waiting Francis come back. My eyes were looking around without interest, I was very tired in those days, the police-office thing made me nervous. Ande when I'm nervous, I don't sleep well. With the corner of my eyes I saw a man approaching to the table.

“Well, you were very fast” I said looking up to Francis. But he wasn't Francis, there was Bernard standing in front of me with his hands in his pants pockets.

“You seemed surprised to see me” he stated. He wasn't smiling as he always does, so I supposed that probably he was still angry for the things we said at The Jive. 

“Yes I am” I sighed. “I don't really think that you could be here too, but it seems that we've the same places taste”

He moved the corner of his mouth hinting at a little smile “It seems...”. He paused “I always see you with a different company---”

“Francis is only a friend”

“---I really hope”, he went on as I'd never opened my mouth, “that he's part of the police”. Suddenly I understood what he was driving at, I glanced down as he came next to me, but he didn't sit dowm. “Isabella” he changed his pitch, he seemed really worried for that “please let me help you”.

I wasn't able to say a word, I'd do everything to make it up with him, but not in this way, everything seemed wrong. “How much serious is it? Michael doesn't want to talk about it” I whispered.

“I talked with some of my friends of the headquarters. They took this death very seriously, especially after the gunfights happened recently” I swallowed worriedly “Fitgerald won't move on” He looked at his side “Your /friend/ is coming back” he stated, than he looked at me as he put his hand on my shoulder “If you want to talk, you know where you can find me. As you said, we have the same places taste”

I smirked as I looked at him “I'm sorry for what I've told you”

“Don't worry” he whispered

“Thank you” I smiled receiving his smile in return and then I watched him go away. I'd call him soon, I need to talk with him.

“Hey” I heard Francis coming out from the crowd with two full glasses in his hands “look what I've found”

“Ta-dà” laughed Adie as she jump at his side “I know you've missed me” she said with her broad smile, side-glanicng to Francis who gave her a kiss on her forehead.

“Of course we did” I said standing up to greet her.
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