~Saturday, August 25;
The famed and reclusive vaudevillian dancer Bonnie Hanover just announced that she will be having a one-night-only performance at the Chicago Theater. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you won't want to miss. And maybe you'll be lucky enough to get an autograph, should she feel that you're worthy enough.
+ West End Blues - Louis Armstrong

Included here: @martasmiling (Isabella), @thunder-dollfaycee (Clara), @gorgeousdoll (Evelyn), @tania-l (Josephine)


"Bonnie Hanover is here!" Clara shrieked against my ear, causing me to jump back.

"Jeez, Clara!" I gasped.

"Sorry. But isn't that copacetic?" She sighed in a dreamy way.

"It's swell." I smiled, "You know what? How about we meet her?"

"But Bonnie doesn't meet just anyone." She hesitated, "It's kind of an exclusive thing."

"We'll see. I'll bring Michael with us." I said, feeling happy that I could finally put Michael to some use. Lately he had just been a poster fiance, we didn't do much besides attending luncheons and fundraisers. Our personal matters were put on a halt.

"Oh, you're such a doll!" She squealed, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the powder room. "We'd better look our best." Clara explained, pulling out her makeup and applying some onto her face.

"Hey ladies, getting ready to meet the wonderful Miss Hanover?" Isabella Malone said with her usual sultry voice.

"And how!" Clara replied, a little too excited. I giggled at the sight of it. It was adorable. I guess everyone needs a person to look up to and Bonnie Hanover was Clara's.

"How about we form a group to meet her?" Izzy suggested, a hint of mischief in her eyes. Michael didn't like it when I talked to her, because he believed she was part of the mafia, but I really liked Isabella. She was confident in herself and a blast to hang out with.

"Sure thing." I grinned, applying some powder on my nose. I spread it evenly until I looked good. "We're ready to go." I announced.

"Where are we going?" The voice of Evelyn Pierce resonated from the other side of the room. "You're going somewhere and I'm not invited." She said, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Oh, Evelyn, dear, you can join us if you want to!" Izzy said, pulling her arm around Evelyn's neck. "It's just that we didn't see you back there."

"Right." She sighed. "Let's go."

I looked at her for a moment, trying to decide if she was being honest or not. I never had any troubles with people in here, but with Evelyn there was always a hint of tension almost as if we were becoming enemies. I never understood why. I felt indifferent towards her, nothing to hate her but nothing to make us friends.


We sat in a table near the stage with a perfect view. Bonnie Hanover had just been announced to everyone and soon enough the music was drowned by the cheering and clapping of the people inside the room. A couple of minutes later, Miss Hanover appeared on stage, looking as fabulous as ever. She had on the tiniest dress decorated with sequins and shiny gems. No one could compete with that.

"Fantastic." Clara mouthed, staring at her idol in amazement.

I had to agree with Clara, Bonnie Hanover was in another level of greatness. She began a carefully calculated choreography, moving along with the jazzy notes. It turned into madness two minutes later into the song. Miss Hanover was thinly balancing in the forbidden side and the safe side.

I'm sure Michael didn't approve of it. He was shaking his head in disagreement next to me. I gave him a smile and then wondered how things had gotten this way. I sat there staring into his dark eyes, wanting to forget about the distance between us and making things right. I snapped back into reality when he gave me a cold stare. I couldn't take it, so I stood up and walked away from our table.


An arm was smacked into the wall next to me, causing me to recoil. I looked to the side and to my amazement, Ed Mayfield was there. "W-what are you doing here?" I asked, looking around the room, searching frantically for Michael. No sight of him.

"Came to see Miss Hanover." He shrugged, running a hand through his hair. "Didn't see you yesterday at the--"

I covered his mouth with my hand, "Don't say that in here." I took the hand away, my eyes glued onto his.

"Is this about Michael Goodwin?" He asked, amused. "He doesn't know." Ed said, his mouth gaping open. "That's impressive."

"What is?" I asked defiantly.

"You hiding your secret that long." He chuckled. "That's fantastic, actually."

"I can't say I'm proud of it." I shrugged, if I smoked, this would've been a perfect time for me to lit up a cigarrette.

"Well, Miss Flynn, I'll see you tomorrow. You don't have an excuse this time." He winked at me, walking towards me and pressing his chest onto my side, pressing his mouth to my ear. "And don't think I've forgotten about what I asked you the last time we saw each other."

I gulped, my breathing becoming hitched. I decided to go back to the table with Michael. That way I wouldn't think about it that much.

"Where were you?" Michael asked, a hint of suspicion in his voice.

"Powder room." I said automatically. "Where are the girls?"

"Meeting Miss Hanover."

"They are?" I asked, surprised.

"Yeah, I talked to her people." He explained.

"Thank you, Michael." I said, pressing my lips onto his cheek. My eyes lingered to the other side of the room where I had stood a moment ago with Ed Mayfield and to my surprise, he was there, staring back.


Also tagging @jolieenrose because this is her RP. I apologize for my lack of writing!
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