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tales of the jazz age; adrienne harper

Saturday, August 25;

'hurry up, francis! or we are gonna be late!' i yelled, running down the stairs that led out of the starlight apartments. 'i don't want to come' the blond greek god , who happened to be my bestfriend, replied; with long lopes he reached me and grabbed my waist with his huge hand. 'can me stay home? i could cook.........' he added, raising a eyebrow at me and tightening the grip on me while i kept walking along the street. 'my dad' i said, spelling the last word to emphisize it, 'invited us for lunch, francis, and you know what that mean' i turned to look at him, who glared eloquently at me. i paused, 'that he needs money?' he asked, messing my hair with his long fingers; 'he is my dad' i repeated, biting my lip and side-glancing him. he sighed, with the same old hatred he always showed when we spoke of him. 'he abandoned you, my love' i shook my shoulders, raising my glaze on him, 'you can stay if you want, i'm going' i stated, quickening the pace. i heard him sighing, '.....i'm coming' he muttered after few seconds, walking behind me, 'but that doesn't mean that i approve how he behaved with you, adie.' he placed a arm around my shoulder while i turned to look at him, i raised on my tips to place a kiss on his cheeks. 'you are the best bestfriend i could wish for, babe' i muttered, burying my nose in his neck while a warm, light breeze blew through my long hair. 'and the only one, i dare say' he laughed, holding me in his arms like he would never do with any other women in public. i punched him, lightly, on his muscular chest, 'you, liar! are you saying i'm a loner? would you prefer if i had a man?' i asked, grinning while we reached the tall main entrance of a once-high class block of flats. francis snorted next to me, leaning against my ear and whispering, 'that man will have to do it over my dead body, dada' i felt shivers down my spine while he tightened the hold from my shoulders to my hips even if he kept using the childish nickname i hated so much; i faked a laugh when francis' mouth reached my lobe, 'you'll be my precious babe forever, adie. nobody will be ever enough for you.' he added, while kissing lightly me just down my jaw; i shook my head in disbelief, 'you are playing with fire, fran'. i'm a grown up woman...........' i muttered. he grinned against my hair, 'still, everbody in the street already think we are a couple, my love' he added while his hand took mine, interweaving his fingers around my wrist. i glanced around the street, noticing half shocked, half judging glances at our curious position. with him holding me like that in his arms, his nose against my ear and his lips just above my lips. we indeed looked like a couple and for the first time i realized how we looked like in the other people's eyes. i painted in disbelief, 'stop doing that, it's not funny' i said freeing myself from his hug, 'people are staring' i blushed as i entered the big main door to hide from the glances. francis laughed, perplexed, 'i was jocking, adie' he muttered when the door closed and we walked in the dusty hall. i gave him one of my best dirty look, and reached my dad's apartment. 'we are not six anymore, fran'. we can't do the same thing we used to when we were children.' i said, referring to all sort of tenderness we used to exchange with eachother all the time. he nodded, 'i didn't mean to offend you, i swear to god i'll never touch you again if you tell me so.........' he paused, facing me and looking at me with sad eyes, 'i love you too much to hurt you' he whispered and i felt, for a second, that he wasn't talking about mere affection but something else, something more. suddenly the door opened and my dad's face showed up, startling us, 'what are you two, lovebirds, doing out there? come in!' he said, with enthusiasm, letting us in and kissing me on both cheeks. 'your face is very red, my little girl' daddy exclaimed while i sat on the little sofa in the corner of the room. 'is it hot outside?' i felt my cheeks burning with discomfort while francis stared at me, some metres away. i bit my lip as he dropped his gaze on the floor. i failed in hiding the selfconsciousness when he sat next to me, he smiled weakly: he definitively noticed it too......................


just some random story, while i wait for tja new events because i already miss it! :3
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