TJA - Yvette Kourkova

Yvette Kourkova
Age ~ 20
Bio ~ A long time dancer and hopeless romantic from Moscow with dreams of becoming a prima ballerina
she's struggling to raise her three younger siblings after their parents death
Likes - Ballet, books, her siblings, Chicago, freedom, her locket pendant with portraits of her parents
Dislikes - Failure, death, the people who killed her parents, smoking
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    "Meet Yvette Kourkova, the ballerina from Moscow" — @karalaballerine
  • ballerinas | Tumblr
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    "she's been training since a very young age, so she is very good. but, ballet doesn't pay much" — @karalaballerine
  • The Princess Blog
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    "but she loves ballet, she lives for it." — @karalaballerine
  • moscow | Tumblr
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    "of course, she would've stayed in Moscow, but she couldn't after her parents got killed." — @karalaballerine
  • Lauren Bush's Ralph Lauren Wedding Dress, Unveiled
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    "She loved her parents, but of course, a Russian gang killed her father and mother out of revenge, but Yvette will never tell anyone why they did it." — @karalaballerine
    >> Lauren Bush and David Lauren were married over Labor Day after at his family's 17,000-acre Double RL ranch in Ridgway, Colorado, before some 200 guests. Now, a few pictures — including engagement shots —have been released in the
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    "so, she moved to Chicago, for the freedom and the rich men, thinking if ballet got bad, she could find a good lad" — @karalaballerine
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    "She is doing it all for her three younger siblings. Two girls and a boy, whose the youngest. They mean the world to her" — @karalaballerine
  • image:View of the Cathedral at Limburg on the... - mlle ghoul's fairy tales from the shadows
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    "she is sure she keeps seeing a shadow of man. at first she thought it was her imagination. Little does she know that the man will be a part of her life later on" — @karalaballerine
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    "an outfit she would wear.." — @karalaballerine
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  • The Chaperone [Kindle Edition]
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    "she loves book, people think because she looks light and feminine, she doesn't know the current events. but she reads any books she gets her hands on" — @karalaballerine
    Curtis Sittenfeld interviews Laura Moriarty . Curtis Sittenfeld Sittenfeld is the author of the bestselling novels American Wife , Prep , and The Man of My Dreams , which have been translated into twenty-five languages. Here she talks with novelist Laura Moriarty about her experiences writing The Chaperone . Curtis Sittenfeld: You tell the story of two characters whose trajectories overlap--Louise Brooks before she becomes famous, and quietly complicated housewife Cora Carlisle, who serves as 15-year-old Louise’s chaperone in New York in the fateful summer of 1922. Did you always know they belonged in a book together, or did you decide to write about one of them first? Laura Moriarty: I always found Louise Brooks interesting. She was an icon of the silent-film era, and I knew she’d grown up in Kansas, and that she was smart and rebellious and sharp-tongued. But it wasn’t until I learned that she’d first gone to New York as a teenager with a 36-year-old chaperone that I saw a story I wanted to write. I’m drawn to intergenerational tension, and it must have been strong in the 1920s: I wondered how Louise’s generation of flappers appeared to the women who came of age at the beginning of the century--wearing corsets, long skirts, and high collars. This older generation of women had campaigned for suffrage and prohibition of alcohol; they must have been bewildered by the very different values and sensibilities of their daughters. I liked the idea of a chaperone, someone thrown into this dynamic all at once. Sittenfeld: Were you a fan of Louise Brooks specifically, or of movies from the 1920s and 1930s generally, or were you exploring an art form unfamiliar to you when you started writing this novel? Moriarty: I wasn’t that familiar with silent films. I didn’t know, for example, how hugely popular silent films were in the 1920s, how people would go to the movies several times a week. While I was writing the book, I went to see Louise Brooks’ most famous film, Pandora’s Box , at the Tivoli in Kansas City, and it was a lovely experience. You can watch old silent films on DVD or even on YouTube, but it was a different feeling watching her up on the big screen, seeing the film the way people saw it all those years ago. Sittenfeld: You’ve clearly done a lot of research. What form did your research take? Were there discoveries you made--about Brooks, or the early twentieth century, or Wichita--that particularly captured your imagination? Was there any incredibly juicy details you came across that just didn’t belong in the book? Moriarty: One of the first things I did, and maybe the most important, was drive down to Wichita and walk around Union Station, where Louise and her chaperone disembarked for New York in 1922. It’s boarded up now, but just seeing the physical place helped me see the story and the journey as real. I read Louise’s autobiography and Barry Paris’s biography of her. I read oral histories of Manhattan in the ‘20s, and I read travel guides from that era as well. I spent a lot of time learning about 1920s fashion, not just what flappers were wearing, but what most women were wearing, what men were wearing. Overall I learned a lot of details about 1920s clothes, cars, kitchen appliances, and food. I had a character eating peanut butter in one scene until I learned that peanut butter wasn’t commercially packaged and sold until 1924. But the biggest challenge was probably getting into the psychology of someone living in that era—to know her values, and how she saw the world. Here’s an interesting bit about Louise that didn’t get in the book: After she became famous, she and some friends were dining in a restaurant in Europe; she was bored, and she spotted a man she’d been friendly with, and she asked the waiter to summon him. The man didn’t come over right away because he was with a woman, and he didn’t want to be rude. When he finally did go over to Louise’s table, apologizing and explaining his delay, she picked up a bouquet of roses and sliced him across the face with it, the thorns actually cutting his skin so his f
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    "will she make it in the fast pace of Chicago? We will find out...." — @karalaballerine
  • swing your hips like a flapper, darling
    "~ intro set" — @karalaballerine

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