"Yummmerrsss. Nic, you read my mind!" Jessi digs her hands into the bowl of popcorn I just popped.
"Geezz. Save some for the rest of us!" Hannah shouts and Jessi whacks her with her Temperpedic pillow. "Ouch!" She yells again and we all laugh.
"Okkkayyy. We need to study!" Reese shouts over our giddy laughter.
"NOOOOO!" I scream and hide my face in my pillow. I kick off my Ugg slippers.
"Nic." Abby steadies her self on her pull-out bed. "We need to study."
"Fine. I'm just not in the mood." I wave away the smell of Reese's mud mask.
"Okay, so the Chou Dynasty began in fifty B.C." Hannah announces.
"I wasn't even alive then, therefore its very uninteresting and pointless." I smile and the girls laugh.
"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" Sammi suddenly shouts.
"WHAT, WHAT, WHAT???" We all shout back at her.
"Alex Shell asked me to the dance!" She kicks her feet into the air.
There's silence.
"You know he's into Chelsea Leigh." Jessi says quietly.
"He told me he wasn't dating anyone." Sammi argues.
I grab a nail file and start filing.
"Nic, he's totally available right?" Sammi's eyes are pleading. I can't seem to meet them.
"Samantha," Reese says evenly. "You know Alex and Chelsea have been sort of a thing."
"Reesey, sort of and are, are two very different things." Sammi pouts.
"We shouldn't study this late." I say quietly.
"But you'll fail science." Hannah punches my arm lightly.
"I know.. I mean I know some of the facts. How hard could physical science be?" I ask with wide eyes.
"HARD!" All the girls answer and we laugh.
"Back to Alex..." Sammi clears her throat.
"The Social Scene Girl will totally be on this if you and him go public." Reese warns.
"Let her!" Sammi says defiantly.
"She's right." I sigh. "This girl is notrious for destroying people's lives. How could someone-"
I stop myself because I've destroyed people's lives before. Like Leila's and mine at moments....
"What Niccy?" Hannah presses. Her calling me Niccy reminds me of Leila...I miss her a little. Even through this whole James thing.
"Nothing...Did anyone see James at the party tonight?" I change the subject.
"No!" Hannah shakes her head. "I have no idea where he went. The only time I saw him was at the beginning. He looked to Niccy and then to Leila and went back into his house."
"That's weird!" Abby shoves more popcorn in her mouth.
"It is." I agree. "What time is it?"
"Eleven forty five." Jessi checks her iPhone.
"Gawd, I'm tired." Reese yawns.
"How can you be tired?" Hanna pops open another Red Bull.
"Because I don't slurp those down every five minutes." Reese sneers.
"Girls. Please." I rub my temples.
"Sorry." They both mutter.
We spend the rest of night gossiping and suprisingly studying. Hannah is really smart. She knows everything about physical science.
Everything seems right. Sow why do I feel a bit hollow?
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