Wednesday- Instead of going out shopping, the shopping's coming to us! All of our favorite designers are doing trunk shows just for us. Better stock up on the latest couture.

I felt silly looking through all of the over-priced clothes. Sure I grew up with a lot, and I mean A LOT, of money but I'd never been much of a brand w.hore. Over half my clothes were vintage and came from thrift stores, boutiques, or boardwalk shops. I picked up a funky looking shoe, Alexander Mcqueen.

"Hey!" I heard a girl call. I turned to see a gorgeous blonde holding the matching shoe. I'd seen her a few times before.

"Hey, Isis right?" I smiled, trying to be friendly, something I apparently wasn't so good at.

She nodded, examining me, "You are the Morrissey kid?"

I nod back. "Tilley."

Isis looks from me to the shoe, "Are you getting those?"

I shake my head no and hand it over. We both look at the trunks of clothing next to us, "Am I the only one who thinks this incredibly sad?" I ask her, trying to keep the conversation going. I'd been working on that.

"Oh yes, this?" She said, pointing to the high fashion clothes, "It's very, very sad."

"They should at least take us on a chaperoned trip to go shopping, but you know... can't take any chances. One of us might kill someone or sell some drugs..." I giggle, thinking of how Seth would've gotten a kick out of that. I made a mental note to tell him later.

"Sad thing is we probably would." She smirks.

I nod, a flowery dress catching my eye. I tugged on it until it was finally pulled out of the crammed trunk. "Never know until they try though, right?" I ask, holding the dress up to me in front of the mirror.

She shrugs, making a quiet noise I guessed was a chuckle. "I guess."

"Oh well... It's not like we really have anyone to impress, right? We're locked up... at least we're not in black and white jumpsuits." I say.

"Oh, yes. Thank the lord." She grins.

"Hallelujah..." I giggle, "Well I'm going to get this." I hold up the dress, "but maybe I'll see you around?" 

"Maybe." She shrugs.

I give her a wave and we head in opposite directions.
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