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"What the f.ck?!" I practically yelled as I ran into someone. I spilled all my sh.t on the floor. I was on my way to this party that was being held in the basement. I looked up and saw a girl around my age.

"Oh sh.t." she said. She bent over to help me pick my things up. "Are you headed to the basement too?" She suddenly asked.

I looked up as I saw her bend down to actually help me pick my stuff up. "Uh...thanks. And yeah, I'm heading to the basement", I looked at what she was wearing. "I'm guessing you are to?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda lost though. And I don't have anything to bring." The girl laughed. When I didn't return her smile, she commented, "This place is too damn huge. How the hell does anyone get anywhere?"

I smiled back at her this time. "I have to agree", I said as we started walking again. "This place is pretty big. I never caught your name? I'm Mira."

I saw her relax. "I'm Evaleigh, but you can call me Eva. Most people do." She paused as she walked next to me. "I know you're sick of hearing this, but from what I can see, everyone here has famous parents. Who are your parents?" she curiously asked me.

I chuckled a little at her question. "Well, my dad was the bassist of Pink Floyd and my mom is a super model. The usual. You?" I looked at her. She seemed more calm now that we had introduced ourselves.

"My dad was the drummer for Sonic Youth. He was fine with how I was living until he found out I drank and smoked. A lot." Eva explained. "I mean, come on, it's just pot."

I laughed a little. "True, my parents always b.tched about how much I smoke." I rolled my eyes, "I know for a fact, that both my parents smoked before. Hell, I bet they drink more than me."

"Yeah, my dad doesn't really talk to me much about it. I mean, it's a little hypocritical if you ask me. I'm positive my dad's dabbled in pot and alcohol before."

I smiled at her. "I'm so with you on that. My parents said I have a problem." I shook my head at the memory. "I am absolutely fine. I have no idea what the f.ck they're talking about."

"Why did they send you here?" She asked.

"Like I said, they think I have a problem. A problem with smoking, drinking, and e." I scoffed, "They just don't wanna ruin the perfect family picture." I looked down at the floor as we walked. "What about you? Why were you sent here?"

"I met this guy a few years back. He got me high for the first time. It felt amazing. And he first got me drunk, too. I kept it up at parties and sh.it, I got arrested a few times. After that, he left. I moved out of my parents' house, got drunk and high whenever I could, then my dad found out what his little princess was doing." She lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. "And that's why I'm here."

I nodded my head. "Care to share?" I said looking at the cigarette in her hand. She looked at me and nodded.

She handed me her cigarette and asked, "Got any weed? God knows I need a fix."

"Thank you", I said as she passed me the cigarette. I inhaled. "Yup, I think so." I dug around in my bag a little, until my hand came in contact with the drug. I pulled it out and handed it to her, "Some guy I knew gave me a huge stash before I came here. Although, I'm not gonna use it anytime soon."

"Sweet, thanks. We should wait until we find this da.mn basement though. Others might want some." Eva said.

"True. We don't wanna share our stash now, do we?" I said joking around with her, smiling.

She giggled and smiled, "That's true. Now I think it's just down these stairs.I hear a ton of people."

"Really?" I listened, I heard loud laughs and music blasting. I laughed a little. "I guess so." We walked down the stairs.

Eva opened the door and stepped in. There were tons of people, smoke and drinks around. "So, how about a joint or three?" she asked me.

"Hell yes", I said, coming in after her.

"Do you have any skins? I forgot to bring mine." She asked.

"Sorry no....that's the one thing I don't have." I said.

"It's all good, we can just mooch some off of someone." We looked around the room and saw a random guy sitting by himself, slowly puffing out marijuana. "I'll go ask this guy." Eva walked over to him and caught his eye. He slowly looked up at her and kept smoking. "Hey man, you got any skins to spare?" she asked. He pointed next to him, where a small pile of papers lay. She grabbed some and walked back over to me. "Got some. Altough he may not have understood what I was asking." She joked.

"I don't think he did", I said smiling at her.

"Who cares? I'll bet you that people are passing God knows what around to each other." Eva said, rolling up a joint.

"I have to agree with you", I said as I saw a group of people huddled together in the corner of the room. "I wonder what they're passing around?"

"Well, I would assume something to smoke or drink. You can't really break a pill in tiny bits to pass." She said as she lit up.

"True...there better be some vodka here", I said as I walked towards the makeshift bar.

"Can you grab me some?" she asked. "Better yet just get the whole bottle and bring it over here." she laughed.

"I was planning to anyway", I said as I pushed through the crowd. I got to the bar and scanned the bottles. I found the vodka, and stuffed it in my jacket.

Eva smiled as I came back over, "We're gonna get along just fine."

"I think so", I smiled at her. "So, what should we do now?"

"Smoke up, drink up, and just have a he.ll of a time." She said with a stoned smile on her face.
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Wrote 5 years ago
I'm in LOVE with this Set <3

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love this!

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
haha, thank you <333


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