emmaline clifton.

November 22 | Monday - Mm, wasn't it nice to sleep in your own bed last night? That's not to say you were alone though, I know better than that. Anyway, since school's out all week because we get to eat turkey and pumpkin pie on Thursday, Violet has decided to invite all the girls to have one of those cliche slumber parties at her place; boys will be there until 11:00pm, so it won't be too boring.

"Alright, Emma, your turn," Violet smiled deviously, playing with the empty glass bottle in the middle of the circle. 

"Give it!" I laughed, trying to make it sound natural. The parties at my old school were mainly champagne and long dressed, not truth or dare and seven minutes in heaven, the current game choice. Violet handed me the glass bottle. I leaned over, gave it a good spin, and watched it go around and around, praying that the seven-minutes-in-heaven gods would take pity on me. 

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" Someone shrieked as the bottle stopped spinning, "You!" She pointed to the guy. 

I glanced up at the guy, who must have been in his early twenties, smirking at me. "Seven minutes? We'll have to be quick," He grinned, picking himself off of the floor, high fived a few friends, and started making his way over to the roomy, empty storage closet. 

"I'm Emma," I introduced myself once we were inside, completely in the dark. 

"Cool," I felt him walk up slowly, "You're so hot..." He ran his fingers through my hair, kissing my neck and working his way up. I stood frozen, unbelievably uncomfortable. I knew I had signed up for this, but still, I didn't even know this guy... He started kissing my lips, then pulled back. I could make him out, tilting his head in confusion, "What's wrong?"

"Umm.. Nothing.. It's just... I mean... I don't even know you," I spluttered. 

"Well I know for sure that you're incredibly s.xy, and I've heard I'm not too bad looking myself, so there's no problem," He approached me again.

"Alright, time's up!" Vi's voice saved me.

"What? That wasn't seven minutes, this is f.cked up!" The guy fumed, storming out. 

"We were hoping to bust you guys having s.x," Esther clarified, laughing.

"We weren't having s.x, she didn't want to!" The guy, who's name I still didn't even know, yelled, storming outside. 

"Well bye..." Vi frowned, "I don't even know who that was... A friend of a friend, who's probably had a little too much to drink... Oh well," We shrugged.

"Movie time?" Someone suggested. 

"YES!" Was the unanimous answer. 

"The Notebook?" Someone asked. 

"Breakfast at Tiffany's?"

"The Hangover!" Some guy yelled. 

"Hey," Mack walked up. 

"Hey.." I smiled a little. 

"That was good," He nodded towards the door, "You know, not f.cking some random stranger..."

"Well I have a no s.x until I know your name policy," I joked. 

"Good plan," He chuckled sincerely. 

People can be so confusing sometimes...


{so, i kind of hate this story... i don't know, it just bugs me... oh well... }
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