hallie emerson // the nanny diaries//

“As we speak, the new settlement for a new recovering program is being negotiated, its going to be a huge improvement in the matter of how many more paintings the museum is going to be able to acquire, and how much easier its going to be to restore them” I smiled at the board. Ever since I had taken Mrs. Evans place in the MET board everything was amazing. They loved my ideas and when Mrs. Evans returned they opened a new seat just for me. She was amazing and she was proud of me. I was so lucky to work with them, they were amazing people; everyone stood up and congratulated me, since the idea to get a new restoring program was my idea. I checked the time, it was time to pick up the kids from school, I smiled at everyone and bid them my goodbyes. “Hallie!” Mrs Evans called after me. “Yes Mrs Evans?” I asked and she smiled at me. “You know you are the best nanny I could ever ask for to take care of my children, you love them and I can see that, I need you to sign this” she said and handed me a big envelope. “What is this?” I asked, I had signed a privacy agreement when I started working here.
“In the case of anything happening to me or Ted, I need to know you will take care of my children, it’s a big decision, but you are by far the best choice, think about it, I know it’s a bi…” 
“I’ll do it” I said and she looked at me. “It’s a very important decision and all the money we have is theirs, but not until they turn 18, so you would be the guardian of that money, I know you Hallie, you have your career and your life and I would understand if you were a little wary to accept this.” She said, I shook my head.
“I love them, I could never say no, and you know I don’t need the money, they offered me a job here at the MET and I still have a few months before graduating, my thesis is a breakthrough in the engineering department. Im doing good” I said. She smiled at me. “Im very proud of you believe it or not, Ted and I think of you as a part of the family you have been with us for so long and you even manage to get my brother in straight". I blinked at her. “What? I.. im not, what? With him?” She laughed.
"He talked to me, I guess he hasn’t spoken to you yet” I looked at her and got the papers out of the envelope. I read them I was being named their guardian with full custody of them. I was blown away for a moment.
"But Mrs Evans, what about your parents? or Mr Evans? wont they be completely upset? what about Oliver?" I asked freaking out.
"Wont they think im after your money?! i mean im not rich, im hardly rich, i dont have any money, but im not a gold-digger, that's why i work, i mean OMG what if they make me go to trial...! and" 
"Hallie!!" She cut me in the middle of my rant.
"Stop, breath, and take a few seconds, you can give me the papers back by the end of the week, i want you to read this and understand that its up to you. Now go pick up the kids" she smiled at me handing me the yellow envelope.
I nodded and headed for the door in autopilot mode. Not sure if everything was really happening.
I arrived at Saint Mary's Private School ten minutes late, the kids smiled when they saw me and ran to where i was standing. "Hey troublemakers, how was today?" i asked taking the sight of the 3 little persons that meant the world to me.
"It was so good!!" Pip and Tiff said at the same time. Theo looked at them and rolled his eyes, he had been spending too much time with Oliver.
Since the school was only a few blocks from the building, we always walked to the house, it was a good day, a bit chilly but we where all dressed for winter.
"when is the snow going to end? i dont like snow in the city only where we can ski" Theo complained. I giggled. 
"It should be over soon, that's why there are four seasons through the year" I explained.
"Oh, like the hotel?" Pipper asked. I smiled and nodded.
We were a few feet away from the doors when Oliver showed up. "Where are my favorite people on this planet?!" he yelled at the kids, they dropped everything and ran to him. I looked at how good he was looking. Da.mn him for being the se.xies person alive.
"Wanna go for ice cream?" he asked and they all nodded their heads giggling in delight. I smiled at them and picked up their bags, they didn't have much since they left almost all their school stuff at Saint Mary's.
"dont take too long Olive please, we need to do a lot of things this afternoon" I said. 
He frowned at me. "You are coming with us Lily" he said staring at me. He always looked at me like if i was water and he was a thirsty man in the dessert, there was so much desire in his eyes, and even more after the mind blowing kiss we shared at New Years.
"No, no, you go have fun" 
"Please Lily" Theo begged looking at me with his big green eyes. How could i say no to that.
"Fine, just for you little man" i said and kissed his nose.
He grinned "I did good right uncle Ollie?" he asked looking at his Uncle.
Olive nodded. "Perfect buddy" 
"That was not fair" I said.
"Im done playing fair when it comes to you Hallie" he said completely serious, looking at me.
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