so this past month has been a difficult one. i haven't been on poly much at all. my tumblr's been a lost cause for a few months now. sorry about that. just thought i'd give you all a few updates on my life in case anyone cares --

1. my dog died after being attacked by a rottweiler last week. which is why i've been AWOL for a while. may he rest in peace.

2. on a less depressing note, i've been obsessed with eliza doolittle and her entire album lately. "pack up" is obviously one of my favorites but i love all of her songs. do they sound like they should be featured in target commercials? yes. do you always wanna listen up upbeat, cheery kinda music? no. but when you're in the mood, you should check her out, she's pretty great.

3. i watched the entire first season and 17 episodes of the second season of hart of dixie. i love rachel bilson... new style icon! idk what it is with me and loving small towns like the one in gilmore girls [and the one in this show, which is the same set as gilmore girls -- fun fact! CWTV uses the same set for several of their shows]. i love wade [wilson bethel]. but jonah breeland is pretty hawt, and i also love george...

4. because scott porter, who plays george, also plays jason street in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS which i've been obsessed with. i just finished season 1 tonight and GUGHAGLKSFjlasjflf so many feelings. TO ANYONE READING, you SHOULD GO WATCH FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. it is by far the most underrated television show ever. it deserves so many awards. i'm in love with the taylors -- coach taylor and mrs. taylor, played by kyle chandler and connie britton. they are fantastic. and uhmm taylor kitsch as tim riggins. you gotta see him. he's got that smoldering, brooding sort of hotness about him.

5. i also finished the first series of doctor who! i've already watched 5 and 6 -- i started with matt smith -- and then now i'm working my way forwards from the very beginning. christopher eccleston! also super underrated as one of the doctors. i quite liked him. now onto TENNANT! wooooo!

6. SPRING BREAK PLANS! i am going to the hotel del coronado over break. yayy! not too far away from home but i'm gonna get some time to relax, which is great. @luxecouture totally made me think of you & alexa maye :)

7. lots of TV watching my goodness... i've rediscovered korean dramas and i'm obsessed. BUT HEYYYY! i've decided that over the summer, i'm going to take a course in korean so i can finally learn my native language, as i may journey to seoul myself next summer!

8. that's pretty much it for me.
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