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In memory of all my beloved pets : Zoro, Lucky, Betel, Speedy, Bunch and all others.
I loved you because it was my duty as a human and you gave me another reason to do so because you loved me back. 

I am sorry for all the times I failed to give you what you need, or understand you better or give you time. I want you all to know, specially Zoro that you are the best guard dog, protector and pet we have ever had. It was so painful waking up and just not seeing you one day. You dedicated your whole life to protecting our house and family and we know with everything you did, that as much as we loved you, you loved us more. You are such a big and gentle, responsible dog and you will forever be missed!!! 

Betel, you are one intelligent bunny and just when I thought I can never love another, you proved me wrong. Those days I had with you was one of the best moments of my life. When we play every morning and you try to get your carrots from me, those little games made me happy and I am thankful that I had such an exceptional smart and loving bunny just like you. I don't have to tell you that I tried my best, you know I did, but the doctor killed you. Believe me if there are only rewinds, I would never have brought you there. Remembering your last hours was one of the most painful events in my life, when I knew you were suffering so much yet I could do nothing to help you feel better. You stared at me there, lying in your bed, striven with every breath, wanted to say goodbye.. You waited for me to get asleep before you left and my heart just broke into pieces that night. Right now it still brings tears to my eyes and I just didn't know who to blame, if it's me or the doctor.

I've had a lot of pets in my life but these ones I mentioned are exceptional. They have this unique understanding, expressing care and love for us humans, they had this sense of responsibility, they knew they owe their owners their life and so with every moment they were ready to give their lives for ours.

On the other hand, I live in a place where these loyal pets are being butchered for food. Dogs are being stolen, sometimes being pulled off the streets and killed brutally for food or sometimes simply for play. In other places, they use some dogs to be a punching bag for other wild and fighter breeds. What kind of people are we if we could do something like that to any kind of animal?

The truth is, sometimes animals are better than people. Animals know their owner, respect and protect them. Animals, specially dogs are LOYAL no backstabbing, no cheating, no lying. Sometimes even If you hurt them, they won't fight back.

I hope that though we cannot change the world, but at least through our small ways, we could make a difference in the lives of few animals who might need our care or who might be needing a little show of kindness and mercy.

Let us not prove that animals are better than humans. We cannot call ourselves people if we tolerate any kind of brutality to another living thing with flesh and blood! To be human, we must act like one!!!

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