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If I were to be stranded on a remote island it would be with Julien Kang. hehehe...He just looks like the type to take care of his women. Also we could have an english conversation. To be stuck with someone who doesn't speak english or speaks engrish would really be hard.-_- Plus he was on laws of the jungle 2.(i think) I would bring with my swiss army knife, the bible, my backpack with it holding my travel blanket, some snackes, pen and notebook, some extra women necessities. Yeah I wouldn't last very long. 

tags: @n3mopsyco, @kokafor934, @chomiczynka, @kier-kier, @couver, @dragongirl142, @jenny-ism, @danmbappa, @it-s-just-me, @robot-in-a-box. I hope none of you mind the tag. ^^
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