Along with Panda and Hedgehog, this is my other favorite k-drama. I also liked it because it was really happy and lighthearted. Also it made me laugh really hard!! There were some parts that were so embarrassing it made me laugh so hard!

It's about a girl (Jae Hee played by Suli from f(x)) who dresses up as a boy to attend the all boy's school that her role model/crush (Tae Joon played by Minho from SHINee) goes to. She tries to keep her identity hidden, make friends, and motivate Tae Joon to do high jump again.

Belt & Shorts from @dorothyperkins 
Bracelet from @choies


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@celalulu Thank you!! :D
@mercimasada Thanks so much!!! ^v^

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adore this! super cute!

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very nice!

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@bubbifullife Yea I did too!! I only found out about this show through youtube! I follow SM Town and they spammed me with clips of the show!! Cool, I checked them out! :)
@axis-mundi Thanks so much!! :D

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Omg you watched this too. I started watching both when they first aired and waited so long for a well deserved ending I made sets on these two K dramas like a month or two ago please be sure to heck it out ! :)

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@paula10 Thanks :D
@ropearoundyourneck Thank you!!! :D
@jamie-760 Thanks!!!! :)
@aliicia21 It is awesome!! Again I wouldn't say the acting is convincing (when they are surprised or crying) but it made me smile and laugh!! I know right! I will probably wait until thanksgiving and christmas break to watch more shows! Thanks so much!! :D I wanted to make the outfit similar to things she wore in the show

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ohohohoohhh!! so many people had told me this drama is awesome :D So this drama has join my list of dramas to watch, I just have to find time.... :$
anyway, the set i completely lovely! I love the swetar and the bag :)

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so sweet!!!!!

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awesome set and styling!

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