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I REALLY like this.
Roleplay catch up to go on soon.
For now, a Tesla Fog story.

Briar's Hollow
Tesla Fog

March 20: Craft day! Pull those pyramid studs out from your old clothes and repurpose them--glue them onto a pair of worn out ballet slippers or fashion yourself a pair of neat little earrings. Meet in Helena's room with supplies 
and your creativity!

After sewing a bow successfully (with a few pokes of my finger and one band aid) onto a dress I had, and unstringing a long pearl necklace and repurposing it, I sat back, feeling accomplished. The other girls and I had been chatting. It was nice to be back. The wintery blanket of white snow was melting on the green grass outside. The cold that seeped through my wool coats, through my skin and into my bones was disappearing. The day lasted longer, the light lasted longer. I had missed the girls. I was glad to be back, so glad I couldn't even believe- I didn't realize how much I loved this place, filled with songs that filled our summer, laughs that filled the halls, memories that hung in the sweet air, secrets that we had never told anyone before, secret kisses in the garden and listening to the thunderstorms, the flashes of lightening bright and beautiful against the dark coal black sky.

I sat back, looking at the girls, thinking of the memories, songs playing in my head, times with them, memories.

Memories that even the most expensive photograph couldn't capture, memories I knew that I would never forget.

I was happy to be home.

While writing story I listened to this :)
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