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2011/04/29 about title is for friendship with my best friend Stephanie my co maker set on this page.
On the April,29 2000 is the first time we had met each other till now the time reaching to 11 years it so long and i'm very happy to have a great friend,my sister ,my belove like you i remember that time i move to America to study grade 6 with special class school at Boston,MA with my weakness English i just can speak but i'm pretty weak when i writing till now(I know) now i study so fast than ordinary 2 year it mean now i'm already study in university ,also I dislike you(Step) as first ,I can't adapt my self to new friend ,new class,new life in U.S but you come to me and talks with me alot it help me to confident to speak with new friend ,you help me alot.

However, you not Asian & I always thought can't come to be close friend with you it cuz we're so different style different interesting >> you're such a type of girly girl and dislike to do sport and i'm do anything opposite with your interest...

And come to sad time again i move to Japan since i finished special programe high school,and back to Tokyo but our destiny come to me again when i knew the good news is you move to Tokyo with your family Bravo very very good news from you (Hm super good news is you survived from Tsunami) now 11 years ago we still friend and so close more &more this year i'll graduated before you it cuz i study before you 1 year ,i'm so glad now you come to working with me keke i don't want your family move back U.S again.

Hm..I can't find the right words to say how much you mean to me i'm not a type of ppl to say the words " I love you" but i want you to know you always my best friend ever till our life come to an end.
I don't care if alot of ppl think i'm a weird do it cuz every year when come to April,29 we're celebrate our friendship day i knew you have a bad experience after Tsunami hits Japan but you still keep going on with strong heart you near me,you got me my friend..eventhought we not often to meeting &hangout like the past because of my busy with working. overall I hope only one thing you & me our friendship not come to an end.
Your best friend ever ,Rainie or Min- chan
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