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I'm so sad to talks about this more than 2 times,even myself so tired to talks it several times.
when will be enough and quit?
Not lately, I've found out since i'm away to London i just found it that set totally so called copy.
first time might be coincidence 2 time still can accepted it,but after that can be you addicted to copy.
Precious announce my set was copy: [and i stop to support the copycat]
After end up with precious copy ,new COPY CAT show up again. 

I made text set coz i want to made sure who copy me will see it and considering to stop.
Even not copy me everything like get the look from celeb style but this case i was copy idea/theme set/layout all the time
Look at to this my set:
or this set
the way of combination even little detail likes text some cloth item she was used just the same as my idea then took to be her idea,and made it everyday with no shame.
At least i still respect not shout out your name louder coz i was disappointed was copy by my following.. TELL YOU HERE I'M STOP TO SUPPORT YOU. i can't stand to looking my idea was copy in every single set ,you might said i'm not
but how come of coincident more than 2 times.
However,like i've said often ppl can used same photos,same layout create in different way ,of course my set was inspired by precious polyvore acc too, but not about you steal it.
I need you give me credit if you inspired by me,
since i've join polyvore i create 3 different layout
[Example set not first of all layout i've made,no.1 layout stay with me 2 years ago]
Why i 've changed my layout/style coz i was copy by copy cat like you that's bring my idea sucked !!
After copy my layout/idea/style well done with it then remake my old set Yes,she did it,random seeking my old set since 2-6 months or old like an age ago made it again how come ?
is this person had no idea?
I'm so sorry to random ppl who read me complained it again&again you might be put me in narrow mined polyvore acc I'm accepted nowadays i'm narrow mined do even stop to support who that i marks her copy me.
Just a sec is this site allowed member copy each other openly lately.
even chose copy set on Top sets instead me,i don't really want to be on top sets okay. 
The last from me to Copy cat your set can be only following me you'll never create by your own.
Also don't blame your age still young even kid who know it who copy who? I'm sure Who copy me know herself.
I'll stop to made set someday just want that Copy cat look at this text set.
Thank you so much for taking times reading about this.
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