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ɞ Spencer Hastings, Grade 11, Age 16
{Zippora Seven}
Spencer’s list of school activities is longer than the Twilight Saga. Student council, French club, School plays, field hockey... murder? Whatever the case, Spencer is a shady, secretive person... and her memory is kind of fuzzy when it comes to the night her best friend Allison disappeared. She remembers a fight, but what followed is a mystery. She basically doesn’t remember the bad things that happens to her, and then gets images of it, at times. Her family mother and father basically hates her. Spencer is also famous for picking up guys... older ones, mostly. Her sister’s boyfriends, mostly.
1. Spencer Hastings
2. Aria Montgomery
3. Cien Jackson

I sat there mixing my peas into my mashed potatoes as i listened to my parents and Melissa discuss her new apartment. Normally, i would be upset by the fact that my parents hadn't even adressed the letter from the school that i got today. Sure, i got into National Junior Honors Society, but to them, that was nothing compared to Melissa finally getting her dream job and her perfect apartment. However, i had far more important things on my mind, i couldn't stop thinking about the nightmare i had had last night.

It was really blurry but i could clearly see a blonde girl, she looked exactly like ali, fighting with a girl who could only be a seventh grade me. I couldn't really understand what they were saying, it was almost like i was underwater, everything was mumbled. Next, i stepped towards the girl and pushed her, the girl slipped and, as the nightmare blurred more, i heard a big crack before suddenly waking up. I looked around a little before realizing i was in my room. I stared at the clock, it was 5:40. I tried to fall back asleep but had no luck. I just couldn't believe what i saw. Was i finally remembering what happened that night? Did i kill Ali? It was just to scary to think i really had that in me. 

Now it was 6:30 and i was still thinking about it. I thought about telling someone, maybe hannah? Emily? Aria? Or even my parents? But i couldn't even imagine what they would all think of me. Plus, i didn't even now if this was the truth. I just had to try to get this all sorted out before i did anything. I didn't want people to think i was a killer, did i?
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