Bad Girls // MIA

suzanne milton; the outcast

September 20th – (mandatory) Maddox sets up a meeting to go over the rules for the group. The newcomers must know that, as an Outcast, they must be radicals in order to make changes. He believes that someday everyone will be able to use their powers without punishment, and that you can be a valuable asset. How far are you willing to go? 

When I arrived in the bar, I barely recognized it by all the people that was there. I didn't know if everyone that was there was part of our group, or wanted to join it. I didn't care, too. Certainly no free chairs. For have them, I should arrive in time but not everyone'd like to give me a lift, so I had to use my illusions to come here. It was fun, as every illusion I've done, but difficult and hard as well. I had to put across a middle aged man that he was taking a little girl (aka me) to her orphanage. I had to change all the settings around us, and it wasn't simple. As a matter of fact my nose was bleeding, like everytime I drive myself too hard.

Maddox'd already started his speech, “--the shortest answer is that we all want a change. This is why we’re here; ‘most’ of us”. 

I had to admit it, Maddox impressed me. I thought that I'd face a old mad man or a boy out of his head. Sure enough he believed in every words he said and in the ideas for wich he was creating this group. I started looking around, just in case there was someone I knew. I'd decided that i'd try to avoid Adam, too. I spent most of my life without him, there was no reason that now I needed him.

“We are not terrorists. We are free people”, Maddox continued, “We want to prove the government they can’t control everyone; that it’s not fair allowing a few to get away with everything while others have to suffer, or watch their loved ones suffer, just because the law says we can't use the powers we were born with. That’s just stupid,” he scoffed.

That last sentence perfectly fit the idea that grew up in my mind in the last years. Powers are useful, there's no need to hide them.

“We evolved. They can’t deny us evolution.". I could see the crowd became restless and hyptonised at the same time. I headed myself to the bar, I needed a shot right now.

“What we do,” he gestured to everyone, including all, “is to break their confidence. They think they control everything, but they can’t. They’re the minority. They can't watch the entire world 24/7. So… we hit them where it hurts. We destroy government buildings, steal files, rob their banks – we perform illegal activities, dangerous missions, and we do that by using our strongest suit: our powers. We practice to make them better. And sometimes we get to help some people, too”.

The barman put five shots in front of me, even if I only paid for one. As I raise my questioning look at him he winked at me with a smirk. I spelt a thank you in reply moving my lips. Then I came back to look at Maddox.

“Anyway,this meeting is to let you know how this is going to work. You can decide now if you stay or leave, and commit to whatever decision you make. And I’m NOT going to babysit anyone,” he said pointedly, “just to make it clear. I don’t care what you do, as long as you’re responsible for you actions. And more importantly: that you don’t hurt innocent people. Are you in?” 

Sure, I was here. I've always tought about it and now I was in.

“I'm happy to see you here” I turned myself and I saw Jared sitting next to me. When I met him some days ago, he didn't say a word. His voice was soft and strong at the same time.

“I had to” I replied, “I'm really interested to join this”. 

“So, are you in?” he asked gently.

“Obviously”, I said with a smirk, “by the way, do you want a shot?”.

He looked at me confused, “Are you going to pay for those in place of me?”.

“Of course no”, I stated, “I just have some extra of them” I pointed at the four shots in front of me.

“Illusions?” he asked.

“I wish I had”, I leant softly my head on my hands, “it seems that someone'd like to see me having the hots” I said moving my eyes on the barman. “What a dreamer” I giggled.

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