Merry Christmas my dear contacts! ^__^
I hope that you all had a truly great Christmas. :)

Unfortunatley, mine wasn't so great. :/
I know I am gonna sound ungreatful, but this Christmas was my worst. My sisters both got new ipods, but I got nothing expensive. My stepdad told me that we really couldn't afford to get me something expensive, just them two. >:( But here is the catch: God knows that the one thing in the world that would make me the happiest girl in the world is absolutley free-- a paypal account. My dad absolutley hates paypal tho, so there is no hope for me... *cries* Why do I need a paypal account? Well, my fellow kpoppers will understand right away when I say I need it to order kpop merchandise. It kills me that I can't have a single poster, pin, pair of socks, or album... EVER. Unless I order it from, which is kinda expensive. I want to buy from eBay, and some other overseas providers, but you NEED paypal to order from all of those types of sites. :'( I want a SHINee glowstick sooooo badly! I have cried a lot today, but I won't give up. Fighting! >:D Anyway, on a good note, one of my sisters ordered me You're Beautiful Official Full Season set (English subtitles of course, $64.99), a Boys Over Flowers Kissing Star Necklace (Replica from the drama, $11.99), and a You're Beautiful Pig-Rabbit Plush Cell Phone charm ($5.99) , all from ^__^ Very thankful for her! :D

Well, these contacts are the ones I want to really thank this Christmas:

ღ 돼지 토끼ღ
Kee Wee
i ♥ kyuhyun
Muzik Zombie♫ 
♥Dj Oatmeal♥

You guys's sets are amazing, your stories are amazing, and you are such great friends for faving & commenting my sets. :) You guys should know just how much I really appreciate everything you do for all of the kpop fans here on polyvore. ^^ Have a Merry Christmas! ;]

I really want the SHINee Calendar after seeing this video, which inspired me to make this set:
ROFLing after Taemin's Merry Christmas at the end, Baha! XD

Credit: Twi_lightt, madison♥, Owners of SHINee pictures
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