I just wanted to let you know how VERY much I love you and how VERY proud I am of you!!! You are growing into such a BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFUL young woman. You are caring, funny & fun to be around. You have a heart of gold! You are unique and truly are an old soul.
I know that you have been going through ALOT right now, and things might be spinning in your head at a fast paced, but I hope you know that I am & will ALWAYS be here for you!! I love you baby girl, with all my heart & soul!!!

A poem written a little while ago my yours truly...

She brightens up my days from morning till night 
her smiles and laughter has such a beautiful light. 

She's sweet and kind to all that she knows, 
her heart gets bigger and brighter as she grows.

She makes the sunshine on the rainiest day 
she'll make you smile no matter what she may say. 

She an angel in disguise with the most beautiful eyes
she's one of gods greatest gifts, she's a heck of a prize. 

She'll help you with anything, she'll fix everything 
she's an angel I tell you.! Her wings are just hiding within. 

She brings to the world..Beauty love honesty joy and grace 
she makes you realize it's such a beautiful place. 

She makes everything better, rather it be talk song or even a letter 
she's a daughter with wings and she'll be this way forever and ever. 

She shares her heart she shares her smiles 
and that is something you'll feel and see for miles and miles. 

She see's a sad upset or lonely face 
best believe she's fast to take her place. 

She'll always be there she'll always care 
she's an angel I tell you, she is very much rare. 

She's my very best friend forever and ever until the end 
she is my daughter you see, my daughter with wings.!


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