♚Full Name: Cassidy,Cassie, Mclowlen
♚Age: 17
♚Model: Cintia Dicker
♚Traveling from Ireland Southampton to America
♚Friends {arranging later}
♚Family Father and Mother are staying in Ireland, and she is traveling with her brother, Jack who is 22.
♚Spouse?? None.
♚Social Status: Third Class

I gasped as I stepped out of the cramped passenger train and onto the docks surrounding the Titanic. I had never seen such grander, such glamour and beauty in one spot. There were woman all around us in fine, silk suits with huge, fitted hats and their men were wearing some of the best suits as well.

I heard Jack laughing behind me, and I smiled turning to lightly punch him in the arm. "How can you not gawk at this? I may have my mouth hanging about but at least I can appreciate it."

Jack nodded, not saying anything but I didn't expect him to. He was a man of few words anyhow and he normally only spoke to my pa. Thinking of my family made the otherwise bright and pretty day seem cold and dark but I tried to cheer myself up by looking back at the ship. Leaving my family was going to be the hardest thing I would ever do but Jack and I knew there was nothing left in Ireland for us.

We had promised our parents to come back and visit when we managed to get steady on out feet and earn the money to bring us back to them. My ma had cried and my pa had told Jack to look out for me, no matter what, and then we had left, taking only what we had to and fitting them all into two small trunks and a suitcase. The only other item I had taken had been a portrait I had painted a few years ago, of the Irish countryside. I wanted to always remember it if I never got to go back.

Jack was already gathering the baggage and I hurriedly picked up the rest, wrestling with it a bit to get it to fit right in my arms. By the time we made it to the health inspection, my arms were screaming and I was sweating in the otherwise cold weather from the trunk I was carrying but I didn't let it show. I wanted all these officer men to think I was a good, hard working lady, not one that complained all the time. 

I sat my belongings down and was checked for lice and some other infliction and then I was off, up the gangway with my brother at my side and onto the biggest ship the world had ever seen. 

And I was on it.
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