Maaaaan I started off with the intention to make a tryout set for the weekend club with ashley smith as the model and then everything got blue and pink and frida jumped in and this came out the other end. you know i don't even know if this roleplay is still going or what is happening, sorry jayne, i know i said i'd tryout forever ago :P or was it like a week? 
pahhhda da all of a sudden i'm so not in the mood. i get in weird moods sometimes. once i remember sitting at this exact computer one night like tonight and i was actually going crazy. i can't remember why exactly but i was hopping and dancing around my room because i couldn't stop...i have issues :D

wow i really truly hate when people write 'story later' and i hate it when i do it and i think it's ridiculous when people say it in tryouts but i so stumped. did i just write stumped? what does that even mean. those americans say some crazy shitttt
kay but seriously i will get back to this and it will be really super awesome, man i'm so stoked
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