I was tagged by @alittlebelle to do this survey! Thank you honey!
-Animal: Dog
-Color: Purple
-Food: Bread
-Sweets: Berries of all kind! Strawberry, cherries, etc.
-Beverages: Coffee
-Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla, Dulce de leche
-Clothing Brand: if I could afford it, Elie Saab
-Stores: Levis, Hush Puppies and a little store near my house called Mandona
-Jewelry: earrings for sure! Love every kind!
-Accessories: scarves, snoods, black tights and sunglasses 
-Perfume: Envy Me by Gucci and L’air du temps by Nina Ricci
-Fashion icon: Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Conrad and Peyton Sawyer
-Make-Up item/brand: The Bobbi Brown lip balm and MAC’s peachy powder blush!
-Celebrities: Lauren Conrad, Emma Watson, Whitney Port 
-Male singer: right now, Sondre Lerche
-Female singer: Adele
-Song: right now, “You’re the one that I want” cover by The Lennings
-Movie: ugh, so many! Tim Burton’s old ones, 8 ½, High Fidelity, etc.
-TV show: I’m a TV addict, ok? But mainly Parenthood, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, As If, Lost, Alias, New Girl, etc etc.
-Actor: Sean Penn
-Actress: Meryl Streep
-Favorite male fictional character: Ben Linus, Lost
-Favorite female fictional character: Peyton Sawyer, One Tree Hill
-Book: A lot, but my first book-love was “La borra del café” by Mario Benedetti
-Car: the beatle? I don’t know!
-PC Game: Spider Solitaire!
-Board game: Burako
-Magazines: Not that into magazines. I always buy Glamour when I’m traveling somewhere!
-Fairy tale: Little Mermaid – though it makes me cry everytime
-Quote: “These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die, like fire and powder which, as they kiss, consume”
-Number: what??? Is this even a question?
-Instrument: guitar. I took classes for a while but it was too much for me haha, wish I could be a natural at it!
-Flower: Santa rita
-Website: Polyvore, some fashion blogs, facebook
-Sport: Paddle and swimming
-Season: Spring and Winter, I’m a little tired of summer and the fall is ok I guess…
-Holiday/Festival: The one Christmas and New Year that I spent in NYC
-Midnight snack: I mainly sneak in and drink a sort of Lemonade made out of grapefruit
-Are you in school/college? College
-What's your favourite subject? Literature, definitely
-Do you study for tests the night before or do you study well in advanced? I don’t study the night before, but I definitely procrastinate until 4, 5 days before the exam.
-Do you have a job? Yes, two!
-If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be? If I could, I would like to be a stylist or a fashion consultant. In reality, the dream job would be to translate scripts from Spanish to English or vice-versa. 
-What music do you like?: indie music – tough I hate the term, it’s so cliché - , rock, old classics and jazz, and lately I’ve been into folk/country (Johnny Cash, etc) 
-One song that describes you perfectly: a lot of them would describe me! I have different ones for different stages of my life. One of them used to be Warning Sign by Coldplay
-Song with the best lyrics: Ugh this is hard! Ummm I love “Darts of Pleasure” by Franz Ferdinand
-The saddest song ever: Here today by Paul McCartney is heartbreaking, and "For blue skies" by Strays don't sleep makes me weep like a kid :’( 
-Who would you do a duet with? Bruno Mars maybe. He has a sweet voice and could cover my messy singing! haha
-Your biggest celeb crush?: Robert Pattison. How cliché, right? Ever since HP4 I cannot take my eyes out of him!
-Have you ever tried to e-mail a celebrity? If so, who, and what did you say? I emailed Lauren Conrad’s blog “The beauty department” with some beauty questions but haven’t heard back!
-Who in your opinion are the 5 hottest men? There are plenty of eye-candy here but, internationally I would say some of them are Michael Vartan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Aaron Eckhart, Patrick Dempsey and Damon Albarn (back in his younger days ;) )
-Who in your opinion are the 5 hottest women?: Diana Agron, Rosie Hungtinton W., Zooey Deschanel, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde
-What is your favorite movie genre?: All can be good! 
-Is there any movie you know all the lines to?: Sadly, I must admit I know by hard two Lindsay Lohan movies: Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Blame teenage years!
-What is the last movie you saw?: Breaking Dawn yesterday
-Do you cry while watching movies? Sometimes
-Saddest movie ever: Little Mermaid, don’t ask me why. The ending breaks my heart every time!
-If you could marry a fictional character who would it be? It’s between Jess Mariano and Tom from 500 Days of Summer – sigh...- 
-If you could get a role in a movie would you rather play a good girl or a bad girl? A good girl gone bad maybe? hahaha
-Name your fav bad boy & bad girl: Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls and Cristina Yang from G.Anatomy (I ADORE her meanness)
-If you could live in any home from a television series, what would it be?: Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls, do you even have to ask???
-What fictional character are you most like: Mostly Peyton Sawyer, with a mix of Miranda from Sex and the City and Rory from Gilmore Girls
-What romance would you want to experience form any movie or a tv show?: Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones, please!
-If you could become a character in a TV show or movie, who would you chose to be?: Peyton Sawyer
-What's your favorite nail polish color?: I’m experimenting a lot this summer but red is always a timeless classic
-What is your fashion style?: Rocker-chic meets 50’s vintage. A weird mixture of course, but I love both looks.
-What clothes do you like?: I love jeans, light blouses, coats, light and long cardigans, leather jackets and cinched-waist dresses/skirts.
-What are you the most passionate when it comes to fashion?: I strongly recommend anyone who asks me for style advice to wear something that is flattering for you. You don’t have to follow the trends just because they’re out there (You end up being a fashion victim!) To me the whole point of fashion is learning about your shape and finding clothes that make you really happy with yourself.
-What is your favorite outfit to wear?: A loose blouse, tights/jeans and a light cardigan.
-Do you own a pair of Converse?: Yes! I was obsessed with them. Now I only have two healthy pairs.
-Who according to you is the best dressed person in the world?: Well, I couldn’t state who, but for my kind of style I think Zooey and Lauren are it! Also, in the world of fiction, Peyton is my go-to girl.
-What celebrity best represents your vision of fashion? Emma Watson is doing a beautiful job being fashion-forward yet classic. She seems like a new version of Coco Chanel who is the ultimate fashion figure to me.
-If you could have someone else's face, whom would you choose?: this is getting ridiculously obvious, but, Zooey, of course! Her eyes and hair are perfection!
-If you could choose the love of your life who would you choose?: A man who I could trust, who could laugh at himself, be kind and caring but not overwhelmingly sweet and mostly, someone who speaks irony really well.  
-If you were famous who would you be hanging out? The cast of Parenthood. They seem so nice!

-Body or Face?: Face
-Looks or Personality? I’m not a hypocrite, I must admit that I do look to be physically attracted to someone. However, a lot of experience has taught me that men who have the looks most of the times don’t have the brains, and what I want at the end of the day is someone I can talk to and that makes me feel comfortable.
-Tall or short?: Doesn’t really matter to me!
-Athlete or musician?: Musician, or any kind of men EXCEPT an athlete. No offense but, I am not attracted to them AT ALL.
-Hair: short or long?: If you’re not Rapunzel anything’s good.
-Dark or blonde?: love both!
-Candy or flowers?: both make me feel uncomfortable. Let’s make it a cd or a book, they speak deeper than some silly candies. 
-Hugs or kisses?: Kisses
-What is the first physical thing you notice in the opposite sex?: The eyes probably. They are the window to the soul, for real!
-Most important physical feature: Eyes and dimples
-Most important personality trait?: Sense of humour
-What guys you are falling for?: Hmm… Sweet people who act tough
-How can they won you over?: By being not too serious about them and having a decent taste in music! 
-Your ideal boyfriend?: I don’t know if it is “ideal”, but I would like someone who sees me as a “partner” instead of a “property”, you know?
-Are you falling for British/Australian accent?: EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
-Have you ever had a crush on a best friend?: Yeah
-Have you ever asked a guy out?: Not directly, but I lead them to it 
-Do you believe in love at first sight?: I believe in connections that are either there or not, and that is something that no amount of time together can build. It’s either there or not.
-Have you found the love of your life?: God no
-What is your ideal date with a significant other?: Going to have some drinks, listening to music, or maybe just walking and talking a lot
-Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation? I don’t know. I want to think those things work but I’m not sure.
-Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship?: Being possessive, being depressive, and lying of course.
-Would you rather have a big or secret wedding?: Im not even sure I want to get married!

-Ocean or mountains? Mountains
-Tornado or Earthquake?: WTF
-Winter or Summer?: Lately, winter
-Snow or rain?: Snow maybe?
-Plane or boat?: Plane
-Love or friendship?: Friendship is important with friends AND lovers, so friendship it is!
-Pancakes or waffles?: pancakes
-Hamburger or pizza?: Both!
-Meat or veggies?: Meat, though I love my veggies.
-Vanilla or chocolate?: vanilla all the way
-Sunrise or sunset?: sunset
-Cats or dogs?: dogs, they are my weakness!
-Hugs or kisses?: kisses
-Penthouse or beach house?: penthouse
-High heels or flats?: I would love to be comfortable in heels but it’s always painful!
-Jewelry or accessories?: accessories
-Rihanna or Lady Gaga?: Lady Gaga
-Twilight or The vampire diaries?: Twilight
-Stefan or Damon?: Hate them both and their stupid show
-Gossip girl or The O.C? They’re pretty dumb shows but I used to watch some OC episodes. Plus the theme song is the bomb!
-A sister or a brother?: Sister
-Night or day?: Day
-Would you rather dye your hair pink or eat raw hamburger meat?: Dye
-Would you rather skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year?: I don’t enjoy Christmas that much so, let’s skip that
-Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?: step on a crab
-Would you rather live in mansion or own a luxury yacht?: Mansion sounds great
-Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds: Read minds!! Fun!!
-Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?: 10 million dollars and a whole lot of flings!
-Would you rather be a singer or a model?: Neither, but let’s go with singer
-Would you rather be famous or rich? Let’s go with rich! 

WHAT TO DO: Fill out these questions and make a new Set Then tag 20 people. If I tagged you, YOU HAVE TO take this survey and repost it! Don't forget to tag me because I want to know more about you!


'What would you wear if you were'-theme challenge

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Wrote 5 years ago
Love this set! Thanks for the tag. I'll make my set soon :)

Wrote 5 years ago
Gorgeous dear, this is so romantic!!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
it's really great to learn more about you, dear :) also this is a flawless set!! very romantic and gorgeous!!
thank you very much for tagging me! i'll make the set asap ;)
have a lovely week!! kisses!

Wrote 5 years ago
Nice! Loved reading your answers :)



'What would you wear if you were'-theme challenge

'What would you wear if you were'-theme challenge

There's a lot of great theme challenges on Polyvore, but this is by far the best!
The 50 themes:
What would you wear if you were...
#1 Meeting your new boyfriend for lunch
#2 Going out with your girlfriends for sushi
#3 Flying cross-country
#4 Going to Monte Carlo to gamble
#5 To seduce someone like Mrs Robinson in The Graduate
#6 Going to your boyfriend's rock concert
#7 Hosting SNL
#8 Going to your boyfriend's movie premiere
#9 On vacation in Mexico for a week
#10 Attending your sister's wedding as her maid of honor
#11 Going to Paris for fashion week
#12 Meeting the parents
#13 Going to a 70's themed party
#14 Going to a benefit gala at the Met
#15 Attending a funeral
#16 Having a bonfire at the beach
#17 Going to your boyfriend's soccer game (he's playing for Manchester United)
#18 Going to San Fransisco
#19 Dating a celebrity and you knew the paparazzies are waiting for you
#20 Shopping for birthday presents for your little brother
#21 Going to a Phoenix concert
#22 Taking your family out on a picnic
#23 Hitting Vegas for a wild night of parties
#24 Going to an exam
#25 Sipping drinks on a balcony of a five-star hotel in Greece
#26 Appearing on an episode of "The Hills"
#27 Going to a costume party
#28 Attending a polo match
#29 Dating prince William of England
#30 Going on a roadtrip with two friends
#31 Going to church
#32 In the park walking your puppy on a rainy day
#33 Cooking dinner for your boyfriend and his brother
#34 Winning an Acedemy Award
#35 Dating the French president
#36 Invited to Diddy's annual White Party
#37 Going to Hamptons
#38 Slept over at your boyfriend's, and you forgot extra clothing, so you'd have to wear his clothing
#39 Going to the emergency room
#40 Having brunch
#41 Going for a walk in Los Angeles
#42 Working as a stewardess
#43 Invited to Obama's inauguration party
#44 Protesting against the war in Iraq
#45 In the mafia
#46 On the front page of Elle Magazine
#47 Meeting your friends at a fancy restaurant
#48 Invited to the Playboy Mansion
#49 Going to an old-fashioned slumber party
#50 Getting married
Additional 25;
#51 Babysitting your niece
#52 Meeting Queen Elizabeth II
#53 Weeding your garden
#54 Going on a safari in Kenya
#55 Antiquing at the local fleamarket
#56 Going to court
#57 Invited onto a yacht by a cute billionaire
#58 Going out for afternoon tea in London with your mom
#59 Working in an office
#60 Attending Glastonbury Festival
#61 Going ice skating with your boyfriend
#62 Repainting your livingroom
#63 Meeting Karl Lagerfeld
#64 Going to Venice with your boyfriend
#65 Interviewing Jeff Bridges for Rolling Stone magazine
#66 Doing charity work for Red Cross on a Sunday afternoon
#67 Going for ice cream in Central Park
#68 Attending your cousin's baptism as a godparent
#69 Apartment-seeking in New York City
#70 Going to a Mad Men-themed party
#71 Hosting a pool party in St. Barts
#72 Buying a new car
#73 Going on a blind date
#74 Dressing like Grace Kelly for a day
#75 7 months pregnant
Another additional 25;
#76 Going to a fancy event as someone's plus one
#77 Travelling for a weekend getaway
#78 Watching a fashion show from the front row
#79 Running errands on a spring day
#80 Having a lunch date with a friend on Rodeo Drive
#81 Dressing for a september day in NYC
#82 Strolling the streets of London during a cold winter day
#83 Shopping in Saint Tropez
#84 Attending the amfAR charity event in Cannes
#85 Presenting an award at the VMA's
#86 Going to your best friend's brother's Bar Mitzvah
#87 Appearing at the annual GQ party
#88 Getting interviewed in Paris by french Vogue
#89 Going to an art auction
#90 Enjoying dinner by the beach in the Maldives
#91 Picking up your famous boyfriend at the airport
#92 Going to the annual family dinner at the grandparents' mansion
#93 Meeting your brother's newborn at the hospital for the first time
#94 Accepting the "Red Carpet" award at the British Fashion Awards
#95 Biking around Amsterdam like tourists with your best friend
#96 Attending the launch of Dior's new perfume
#97 Furniture-shopping with your friend for his new condo
#98 Guest starring on the Graham Norton Show
#99 Meeting fans at the book signing of your very first novel
#100 Celebrating your parent's silver anniversary

Hope you have fun!
Good luck,
emma-kathrine and selinamaria
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georginabrown - http://www.polyvore.com/what_would_you_wear_challenge/collection?id=2675662



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10th place in group contest: SEXY COUPLES

10th place in group contest: SEXY COUPLES

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