modern love by matt nathanson
city to die for

name; zara farkas 
age; twenty five 
job; clerk
bio; zara’s the product of an affair between an art teacher and a famous hollywood director. her father bailed on her before she was even born to be with his wife, leaving her to live with her mom in their small studio apartment in seattle. z’s a naturally happy person which often makes people suspects that she gets by with a little help from a certain pill that begins with the letter p but it’s completely false - she’s just extremely optimistic. zara’s a ray of sunshine in the court room and she’s one of the best clerks in the entire building. with her bohemian style and charming smile, most guys find her completely adorable. but lately zara’s been curious about getting to know the father she never knew. will she take the first step and try to approach him or let him fade like a shadow?
dating status; single 
model; rachel bilson
taken by; open

top five; 
- zara farkas
- taylor hendrix
- jackie sanders
- addison fox
- isla montgomery



It was six o'clock on a Monday morning. I wasn't very fond of days like this, when the rain was pounding on the windows so hard that I thought they might break. I wasn't fond of Mondays themselves, except for the fact I was able to wake up next to my best friend and boyfriend. 

I rolled over and kissed Tate's collarbone. He stirred and let out a sigh. 
"Good morning, beautiful." He kissed my nose.

I giggled. 
Then, it turned to a groan.
"I really don't want to go to work today."

"Yes, you do." Tate corrected me. "You love work, remember?"

I sighed. "I guess." 

Just then, my second alarm went off. "Okay," I sat up. "I guess it's really time to start the day."

Peeling the covers off, I groaned getting out of bed and trekked to the adjacent bathroom. Once I was showered and dressed in a nice, light, summer dress, I walked to the kitchen to find breakfast unexpectedly ready.

"You... made breakfast." I said breathlessly. In all the time Tate and I had been together (approximately two years), he had never once cooked a full meal for the two of us.

And I wasn't the best of cooks either, so this resulted in our trash cans being fulled with 99% take-out boxes. 
I walked across the kitchen and sat in front of a pile of pancakes and bacon - and they actually looked cooked to perfection.

"Are you /sure/ you made all of this yourself?" I questioned, cutting into the pancakes and taking a small bite. I pushed the bacon aside and took a sip of water.

Tate finished piling his plate with breakfast food galore and sat across from me. "Um, yes, I'm pretty sure I did..." he laughed.

"Well you're not... y'know, a outrageously amazing cook..." I said cautiously.

Tate gasped, fake hurt by my comment. "Are you saying.... /I can't cook!?/" he said loud enough to wake the neighbors, being it was only seven in the morning.

The comment couldn't help but make me laugh. "I'm not saying that... exactly... I'm just saying Lara's (a local diner down the street) ten times better, and you know that too which is why you ran over there and got this while I was in the shower!" I chuckled, catching him off guard.

"Damn," he mumbled softly to himself. "Well, I guess you got me there... have fun at work." Tate ran out of the room and jumped back in bed. I knew, because I could hear out cheap mattress squeak under his weight.

I shook my head and finished my pancake. "Love you!" I called over my shoulder as I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked out the door. It was just like any other day - I left the house early, and Tate would leave at nine. 

We would both get home around dinner time and relax by the fire place, that we were lucky enough to have in our apartment. I tried to focus on the day ahead of me, and not let my mind wander off too much. Even if there was a lot on it.

I had heard that Taylor had moved back to town just last month... and somehow I couldn't get him out of my head. It had been five years since we'd been together... but... there was still something there, deep in the pit of my stomach. I knew I had a bad feeling about this, but I wouldn't utter a word because that would mean it was really true. That not only the love of my life, but also my estranged father were back in town. For good... the thought scared me, so I shook my head, as if that would get the thought of my head. I drove straight to work in silence, the only noise the occasional car horn and angry f-bomb. 

I really needed to figure my life out.

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