it was the fight to end all fights
its called putting a b it c h in her place.
it all started over a 93. in math. youd think shed be happy for me but noooo she bi it ched at me for it. 
so i flip she flips
i stop flipping she gets mad bc im not giving her the response she wants
she gets in myface so i am finally done playing nice
15 yearsof dealing and keeping my mouth shut unleashed in one full on fight
she called me a wh or e said i f uckeed my ex so i left she threatend my life and i came back in b i tch got back in my face and slapped me of all things
this is when i lost it
and screamed at her.
today i stood up to her.
after years of being hit.
slapped countless times, punched in the face 3 times, n countless hidden bruises no one has ever known about.
the only person i ever told was my cousin bc she saw me directly after a fight once and she saw the red mark on my face.
but today i stood up. i deflected the blows.
she told me to hit her back
and oh tht sounded so nice
but i am not her
i will never stoop to her level
im bigger than that
and i won tis fight
i am so proud of myself for finally standing up to her
mom, you could die, i wouldnt carre
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