^^ the title of this set is the story of my life. i've always been indecisive but its been especially bad of the late. homecoming is coming up and literally half of my friends want to go and half don't. and the people who don't want to go have all these ideas of what they could do besides homecoming and the possibilities are endless and i get so hyped up. but i know my friends and i know that as a whole we are the worst at making plans and going through with them. so some days homecoming looks like a solid good option because its a set time, place, expectation whatever. but i don't want to go. my school's hc are the worst. (not that i've been to one but come on, i know everything anyway). all i want is to be with my friends and have fun. i know that this can be achieved by sitting in someones basement playing monopoly but my friends want to do extravagant things and thats great if it would actually happen. i want to get dressed up and i want to have fun. with my fwends and i really wish we could do something together but its not looking that way. but basically every day i change my mind whether i'm going to homecoming or not and my friends hate it but what are you gonna do.

besides that pathetic sad tale of woe, i have been doing alright. i have really good grades in school so far which is always a good thing, but some of my classes are the pits. i have the worst teacher in the history of everness and he kills me everyday and that stinks. i might transfer out of that class after this semester but then it will wreck up my schedule and i like my schedule. i dig my art class :) and i'm taking a PE class that is for only girls and the teacher is a really nice lady but is not the best teacher which is unfortunate but i have a good time with vic and fran :)) 
i've been reading in school which just makes school such a better experience and i love books. yay.
i get my permit in two months holla~~
ughh idk what else really... 
i'm super tired.
i live in dull colors these days and i love it.
check out my life:
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