Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

It was getting even harder for Sunggyu to accept his best friend’s obsession with the girl he has fallen for. Ever since that kiss, Sunggyu had planned to finally confess.

“You sure seem happy.” Sunggyu watched Woohyun practically skipping through the cafe. All Woohyun could do was laugh. It was just one of those days he supposed.

“Hyung, I think I may have saved a country in my past life.” He said with an unstoppable smile on his face.
“Jinjja? What happened this time?”
“Well, earlier today I met with-”

“Ahh Sunggyu! Help please!” A co-worker yelled from a far. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to let Joon try carrying all of the dishes by himself...
“I got it!” Woohyun came in a flash, able to rescue Joon and avoid a potential disaster.
“You don’t steal my paycheck from this do you?” Joon asked.
“Of course not!” Woohyun patted Joon’s back. “I just like to help. Especially today when the sun is shining and the seagulls are singing!~”
“Aigoo... he’s so greasy..” Joon laughed to himself.

Woohyun DID seem extra nice today. Did something spectacular really happen? Sunggyu figured he could at least take advantage of the moment.
“Ah Woohyun. I’ve got a lot of errands to run today..” Sunggyu sighed loud enough for him to hear. “If only I didn’t have to work right now...”
“Hyung!” Woohyun scurried over to Sunggyu’s side. “You KNOW you can count on me to help. Let me do the errands for you!”
“Well uh.. I was wondering if you could just cover the rest of my shift...”
“Oh.” Woohyun paused for a moment. “Sure! I’ll do it! Just for you Hyung!” Woohyun smiled once again.
“Aw how kind of you.” Sunggyu took off his apron and put it on Woohyun. “Thanks so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.”
“Don’t worry about it. This has already been the best day of my life!”
“Well you can tell me all about it when I get back.”
“Sure thing!”

Finally Sunggyu was free! He stepped out of the cafe feeling fresh and stimulated. He knew today was the day to finally tell Eun how he really feels.

“Meet you at the beach?” Eun said through the phone.
“Yes! Be there in about an hour.”
“Okay. See you then!”

Sunggyu hung up his phone with a smile on his face. Step one was complete.
He spent the rest of the remaining hour gathering all the things he needed for his little date.

- - -
“Today must really be a lucky day.” Sunggyu said to himself as he saw Eun walking to his direction.
“Woah what’s this?” Eun pointed to the picnic basket.
“I thought you might be hungry.” Sunggyu smiled. “Here, sit.” He pointed to the vacant towel beside him.

Eun sat patiently and watched as Sunggyu grabbed something from his basket to stick in the sand.
“Oh! It’s the Eiffel Tower!” She pointed to the figurine.
“Did you know there’s beaches in Paris?”
“What? That’s impossible!”
“No seriously! They have artificial beaches along the river!”
“Wow really?.” Eun was shocked. “I didn’t even know that!”
“Don’t laugh at me, but I did a lot of researching about Paris recently...”
“Aww.” Eun laughed anyway.
“Ya! I said don’t laugh!”
“Sorry that’s just so cute!” She giggled.
“I even learned how to make these!” He took out a box of French macarons.
“Omo.” Eun gasped. “I LOVE THESE! You really made them yourself?”
“Of course! I work at the cafe after all!” He took one out of the box and fed it to Eun. “It’s good right?”
Eun nodded her head and quickly covered her cheeks. It was obvious to Sunggyu that she was blushing.

“Eun.. I’ve been wanting to say something to you for a while now...” Sunggyu began. He watched Eun’s eyes widen. Did she already know what he was going to say?
“Aishh.. this is harder than I thought it would be...” He mumbled. Eun stayed silent and continued stuffing macarons in her face to calm herself down.
“There really is no other way to say it. Eun. I like you.”

Eun stayed silent. Not just because her face was bloated like a chipmunk, but because she wasn’t sure how to respond. She already had a feeling this wasn’t going to be an ordinary friendly date...

“Hyung!” Woohyun starts running wildly through the sand in their direction.
“Aish jinjja... this boy and his timing..” Sunggyu mumbled.
“Hyung.” Woohyun caught his breath. “Did you finish your errands?”
“Yeah I did...”
“So it must be your lucky day too!”
“Why is that?” Sunggyu asked.
“Wooram gave me er.. you.. the rest of the day off!”
“Oh great.” Sunggyu tried to sound pleased. His day would really be perfect if Eun gave him a proper response.

“And Eun.. I see you’re here!” Woohyun’s reaction slightly startled Sunggyu. Maybe Woohyun didn’t realize this was a date...
“Did you tell him already?” Woohyun asked her but, Eun simply shook her head.
“Huh? Tell me what?” Sunggyu asked.
“Eun and I... we’re DATING!” Woohyun grabbed Eun’s hand and swung it around enthusiastically. Eun tried to refrain from giggling but couldn’t.
“So that was the big news...” Sunggyu said softly.
“Yes! I was keeping it in all day I thought I was going to die!” Woohyun sat down and helped himself to some macarons. “Wow these are good.”

“Alright... I’m going to go back in the cafe.” Sunggyu sighed. “I’ll meet with you two later I guess..”
“S-sunggyu..” Eun called out his name.
“Sorry. I’m really sorry. I should have said something.”
Sunggyu tried to smile and shrug it off before turning back around.
“No.” He said to himself. “I should have said something.”
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