Hey people.

We had an assembly today. Cherry was talking to me the entire time. I find it kind of disrespectful, especially because we were sitting in third row. But without her constant talking, it would have been extremely boring.

After the assembly we got back to Socials. Most people didn’t do the create-your-own-island project thing so they used their freebie. I did it though. And I am extremely proud of my “Les îles du Flamboyance”. It looks pretty. And I made up this animal that looks like a horse. I called it a flam. It looks like a horse with purple sequins on its skin, which has an ombre effect as the reaches the back. It also has bands of white fur on its neck. It’s kind of like a unicorn, but with two horns. And instead of hooves, it has feet like McQueen Armadillos. Yes, it is a rather flamboyant animal.

Oh my, I am OBSESSED with those shoes and the word “Armadillo”. I also made this constellation thing for science in the shape of those shoes.

Math was fun too. After we finished our poster last minute, we had this “puzzle fair” kind of thing. I think I’m going to be obsessed with those puzzles where people accuse each other of murder and such and some of them are lying and you have to figure out whodunit. 

PE was actually okay. I’m much more confident in PE this year. We ran hall laps and played volleyball with the grade 10’s. Seriously, those people are crazy. They are just like HAHAHAHAHAHAH. But it was fun. I actually hit the ball at times and I served it pretty okay. I’m slowly not failing as much in PE. Anyway, in the middle of volleyball, “Party in the USA” came on and I was imagining Alex Bilodeau randomly walking in, dancing to the song, and yelling “this is my jam”.

We had this pop test in foods today. The teacher never told our period about the test. We got there and she was like, test today. My friends and I panicked. At least the teacher let us study for half an hour before making us doing. If you know my teacher, you would know how hard her tests are. So I was so scared. But then when I actually got the test, it was so easy. I finished in 5 minutes. Haha. 

The best thing about today? NO HOMEWORK. Hahahaha. I finished all the homework from last day by 5:30. I will spend rest of the night relaxing. That is until I decide to do my English poems early. Which I probably will. I doubt that anyone would read this, but anyone got any inspiration for my poems?
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