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  • Cheryl Cole Marie Claire UK 4
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    "Marie ~ 39 ~ Married ~ Model
    Marie married Tomas 17 years ago after he divorced his first wife. Her kids are Alexia, Bijou, and Cody" — @v2v3
    Cheryl Cole Marie Claire UK 4
  • Gorgeous Guys
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    "Tomas ~ 45 ~ Married ~ Lawyer
    Tomas' first wife Cathryn left him when he found out she was cheating and she chose the other man. While Tomas was heartbroken at the time he now loves his new wife Marie" — @v2v3
    Matt Bomer
  • Channing Tatum
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    "Dylan ~ 24 ~ Football Player
    Dylan has always been a jock. While he practically failed school he was a wrestling, football, and basketball prodigy" — @v2v3
    Channing Tatum is an american talented actor, producer and director, please look at our collection of quotes in pictures and encourage us with a comment after
  • Red Hair
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    "Maeve ~ 21 1/2 ~ Model
    Maeve was born when her parents went on vacation to Ireland {hence the irish name}. Maeve loves to have fun and laugh" — @v2v3
  • Gustavo Foshi
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    "Mitchell ~ 20 ~ College
    Mitchell like his older brother loves sports. He likes being in college because their is alot more time for fun" — @v2v3
    Gustavo Foshi
  • Soft Pastel
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    "Azaizley ~ 19 ~ Model/Job at the Coffee shop
    Azaizley is taking a break between high school and college. While she is a very smart girl she really just wants some time to have fun and relax. Her dream is to become a fashion designer" — @v2v3
  • Love and Fairytales
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    "Alexia ~ 18 ~ Highschool ~ Twin
    Alexia is the quiet twin. She is very smart and put's a lot of pressure on herself to meet her A+ standards. Alexia also loves horses, most girls grow out of the horse stage when their 11 but not Alexia" — @v2v3
  • Fashion Fever
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    "Bijou ~ 18 ~ Highschool ~ Twin
    Bijou is the more outgoing twin. Bijou is the popular but also sporty girl. She does Cheerleading in the fall so she has a bunch of girly friends, but she also plays Lacrosse so she's also friends with the jocks" — @v2v3
  • Cody Linley - IMDb
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    "Cody ~ 17 ~ Highschool
    Cody can be nerdy, but like his brother's he plays sports. Cody is a great Lacrosse and Soccer." — @v2v3
  • Fancy - Baby Dream Teacup Poodle on imgfave
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    "Maeve's Dog "Cocoa" 1 year old" — @v2v3
    A fun image sharing community. Explore amazing art and photography and share your own visual inspiration!
  • BluePoodle
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    "Azaizley's Dog "Blue Bear" 3 years old" — @v2v3
  • White Horse Photograph - Camargue Horse Running Through Water, Equestrian, Minimal, Modern Nature Photograph, Animal - Born to Run
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    "Alexia's Horse "Marshmellow" 7 years old" — @v2v3
    Horse photograph of a white, wild Camargue horse running through the water. In pale white and cream tones. Original nature photography by Irene Suchocki. TITLE: Born to Run Size: 8"x10" Professionally printed on premium archival paper, which has a luster finish. Signed on the back. For more horse photographs, see:
  • File Cavalier King Charles dog picture.JPG
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    "Bijou's Dog "JoJo" 4 years old" — @v2v3
  • The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012
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    "Cody's Dog "Max" 8 years old" — @v2v3
    We hate to rank these dogs because, unlike cats , all dogs are created equally awesome. However, these things must be done, so here's a countdown of the best dogs of the year.

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