Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo is famous for its street style. For this contest, we're asking the Polyvore community to create Tokyo street style outfits using clothing exclusively from the following Japanese stores and brands.

To help inspire you, we suggest you check out Tokyo Street Style (, which is a great fashion site that takes snapshots of stylish people on the streets of Tokyo.

The top 12 sets will be featured on the Polyvore homepage. We'll also be using your sets in the upcoming launch of the Polyvore Japan website.

Please only use items from the following websites:


Go to - Find MyFashion items on Polyvore


Go to - Find Felissimo items on Polyvore


Go to - Find Stylife items on Polyvore


Go to - Find 0101 items on Polyvore

Shibuya 109

Go to - Find Shibuya 109 items on Polyvore


Go to - Find Zozotown items on Polyvore

All Beams

Go to - Find All Beams items on Polyvore

Front Style

Go to - Find FrontStyle items on Polyvore


Go to - Find Humor items on Polyvore

Tokyo Street Style

Go to - Find Tokyo Street Style photos on Polyvore

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