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I shrugged my jacket off my shoulders, tossing it on the bed before grabbing it again and walking toward the closet. Ryan wasn't really happy when I scattered my things all over out bedroom and I usually made fun of her like a silly boy, but now that she was pregnant I had to pay attention to anything I did and did my part to not let her all the work. I smiled to myself, hearing Sienna's giggles coming from the living room, that sound was what I lived for, that little girl was my word and my wife with her. And the two girls in Ry's belly too, of course...damn, I was going to have a house full of girls. I shook my head and smiled at the thought, it still seemed crazy to me but it made me incredibly happy, my brother's voice echoing through the hallway making me come back to reality.
"You used to be so much fun... If you're this bad? I bet Jo's even worse." 
"I'm worse with what?" I asked as I walked into the room, pushing my sleeves up to my elbows and swooping our little girl out of my brother's arms. I looked down at her and smiled wide, lost in her perfect face which resembled more and more Ry's as the day passed.
Jake shrugged and walked over to the couch, taking the seat next to Ry and staring blatantly at her chest. "I was just pointing out how lame you two are now," He replied, looking at me while I was glaring at him. "What?" 
"Stop checking out my wife," I said flatly as his brother held his hand up to his chest in mock offense. 
"She's my sister in law. I wouldn't do such a thing," He replied while she let out a snort.
I stared at him, the look on my face serious, "I know you Jake." I said flatly and I did. I knew he wouldn't really do anything, but all the teasing just to annoy me? It annoyed me beyond words.
"I never did anything wrong." He smiled and showed off his best innocent face, which was also the fakest, as he wrapped his arm around Ry's shoulders.
"You're a creeper." She snorted again and slapped his arm away, glaring at him.
My eyes bounced between the two of them, a part of me upset since they didn't get along but the other part upset because my brother was too idiot to get along with. I couldn't really blame Ryan. "What are you doing here?" I asked eventually, my gaze on Sienna as I bent over and set her down on her own feet, watching her closely as she walked quickly toward the couch. She was going to kill me, now that she walked there was no way to stop her, it didn't matter if she was still unsteady, she ran like a crazy baby and I was always scared she could fall and ger hurt. Of course there was no way to stop her, considering how stubborn she was.
"Yes Jake, why are you here?" Ry echoed me, her eyes on our little girl too and I could tell she was holding her breath.
My brother bent over a little and stretched his arms out, smiling at Sienna who smiled back and ran straight to him in less than one second. "Why am I here? I forgot." He grinned as he lifted her up before setting her on his knees. 
I shot Ry a look, thinking about what Sienna was seeing in him. Probably attentions, she loved those. "No mami?" Ry pouted at the little cutie who ignored her in favor of tugging at my brother's curls.
"She likes me more Ryan, deal with it." He grinned as she glanced at Ry.
"She's just trying to get you bold." She smirked back and got up, walking over me and wrapping her arm around my waist as she leaned her body against my side. I loved when she did that.
"Good point baby." I snaked my arm around her body to set my hand on her belly, tilting my head down to kiss her forehead before looking at my brother again, "You still have to answer my question."
"I wanted to get to know my niece better." He shrugged, looking at her and poking her nose, making her giggle, "Do you need a babysitter?" He asked with an amused expression on his face. He got to be kidding me.
"I'd rather leave her alone." I said flatly.
"My thoughts exactly," Ryan said as flatly. 
He sighed dramatically from the couch, pouting his lips and making Sienna squeal at the silly face. "We'd have fun, wouldn't we? Little Sierra and Uncle Jake," He grinned wide and she clapped her hands. 
Ryan blinked, "Oh god. You don't even know her name!" 
"It was a joke Ryan!" He laughed and tickled her sides, her squeals getting louder. "She loves me." 
"She loves the attention," I corrected my brother, my grasp on Ry's body getting tighter and tighter without I could really notice. 
He shrugged at the insult, still tickling the baby who was loving all the new attention she was getting. "Don't you want to stay with your uncle and give your parents a night out?" His eyes flicked up towards ours, "Come on. When's the last time you two had sex?" 
"It's none of your business," My wife replied at the same time I answered with, "This morning." 
Jake grinned wide, "This morning, huh? I'm surprised." 
"Why?" I asked right when she said, "What's that supposed to mean?" 
He eyed us suspiciously, cocking an eyebrow, "Do you two always speak at the same time?" 
"No," We said simultaneously. 
He grinned wide, "Cute. You guys are almost as cute as this gorgeous little girl," He tickled Sienna again, her head tossing back to laugh. 
"Since you still won't answer my first question, will you at least tell me how long you're staying?" I asked, knowing that he couldn't come visit with no reason. My brother wasn't necessarily a bad person, but he was always trouble. 
Jake sighed and adjusted Sienna on his lap, staring at her in somewhat of a daze. "I got evicted and I was wondering if I could maybe -" 
"No," I cut him off, feeling Ry's body tensing against me. 
"-Maybe I could stay here for a while?" He finished, looking at us with a smile on his face.
"That smile won't take you anywhere with me." I glared at him, grabbing Ry's hand and leading her to the other couch.
His eyes moved to her as he let Sienna play with the buttons of his shirt, "I was just being polite."
"Ha." Ry sighed and sat on my lap, her arms wrapping loosely around my neck.
I rubbed my hands against my face, too tired to get in an argument with my brother but knowing that I had to anyway. I was dreaming of coming back home and spend the night cuddling my girls, I guessed it was too much to ask. "Why don't you go to mom?" I questioned in a tone of forced calm.
"It'd be a good idea." She agreed with me, mostly to get rid of him, I was sure. I couldn't blame her, my brother wasn't easy to love.
"Come on guys, that'd be my death." He groaned as he leaned back on the couch, his eyes back on Sienna which was now trying to climb on his shoulders.
"She loves you and the house is pretty big." I grinned, the thought more than amusing to me. If there was someone who had a worst relationship with my mom than I did, that was my brother.
"So it's your house!" He protested, holding our baby girl by her hips as she tossed hald of her body over his shoulder, kicking her feet in the air. She was too cute to be true.
Ry shifted against me and shot me a look of concern before looking back at him, "It's a mess here, the room for the twins isn't ready yet and we still have boxes to umpack..." She trailed off, her excuses perfect. Even though she had a point, we still had work to do.
"I can help you for that!" He said and smiled again, looking like that seemed the perfect agreement for him. For me? Not that much.
"You can do nothing." I raised one eyebrow, dropping my hand on Ry's belly and rubbing it gently, I loved to think that the babies could feel me in some way.
He snorted and glared at me, "Now you're just being an a.sshole."
"Language Jake." Ryan widened her eyes at him and d.amn if look could kill...
"You must really be desperate if you're actually ready to do something." I said harshly, feeling instantly guilty. "I mean...it surprises me." I corrected myself, blaming my attitude on how tired I was, my tone more calm then before.
"Desperate? Yes," He nodded his head. "And you want to know why?" 
"Tiffany kicked you out?" Ryan lifted an eyebrow, only guessing that his latest bottle blonde girlfriend could no longer handle his impossible attitude. My brother's relationships always ended like that, it wasn't like he was that bad but he still thought he was a teenager, the worst kind. Maybe I was too young for having already a wife and three girls, but he was too old for acting still 18.
"Brittany," He corrected her, glaring a little since she had said her name wrong on purpose. I loved my wifey.
"Same difference," She rolled her eyes. 
"But since you asked?" He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, "We did break up." 
"What was the reason this time?" I let out a sigh, my bet was on him disappearing or cheating. He scratched the back of his head, a shrug to his shoulders again as he held Sienna against his chest and ignored the question. "Jake?" I said flatly, staring at him until we were making eye contact again. 
"I slept with her friend," He answered finally. Bingo. "But before you use that against me, you have no reason to worry... I mean, look at Ry." 
Her eyes narrowed instantly, "What is that supposed to mean?!" 
His eyes widened at her tone as I was struggling not to grin. "It means nothing! You're hot obviously, but god, do you have twins in there or triplets?" He tilted his head to the side to let his eyes drop down her stomach. 
"I'm barely showing a.sshole," She spat back and he laughed, my hand rubbing my stomach which wasn't that big. We had been told that the peanuts were still very tiny.
"Language Ryan," Jake retorted, a smile on his lips. 
"Stop," I said loudly, the smile falling from Jake's lips. 
"Okay," He sighed again. "I'm sorry Ryan. You look gorgeous and if MILF was my type? You'd be my first choice."
"Thank you for the compliment." She snorted, the sarcasm evident in her voice and it made me want to slap my brother. Or kick his a.ss.
"You're welcome." He said with a grin on his face and I was sure he knew she didn't mean that, but he liked being an idiot anyway.
She got up from my lap and walked over him, stretching her arms out, "Give me my baby." She said glaring at him.
He stared at her, his grin widening, "No, she loves me more."
"Ma-ma!" Sienna said loudly, reaching for her mom's hands the second she noticed her. 
I shot him an amused glance, loving how Sienna was having the perfect timing to show how much she adored Ry. "She doesn't love anyone more than her mami. I'm lucky enough to be the second." I smirked as Ry cradled the baby in her arms, smiling down at her and giving her a ridiculous amount of kisses. No wonder why my daughter was so spoiled.
"I'll take the third place then." He said still grinning, not giving up.
"That one's taken too." My wife wrinkled her nose, taking a break from the kisses and adjusting Sienna on her hip, "This little girl loves her grandpa." She sighed and it surprised me. Ry wasn't exactly a big fan of her father, but apparently the relationship between him and our daughter was what she liked the most about him.
Jake furrowed his brows at me, looking confused, "Did you see dad lately?"
"No." I said flatly, annoyed just by hearing about him. "And he never saw Sienna, Ryan was talking about David."
"Oh the other dad." He grinned and I was about to get up and punch that grin off his face. I didn't know why he liked annoying me so much.
Ryan shot me a look, then raised one eyebrow at him, "You surely know how to convice your brother to let you stay here." She pointed out.
I crossed my arms over my chest as I stared at him intently, not saying a word though. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so..." He trailed off, in a loss of words apparently, "You know Jo."
"I do." I nodded quietly, not even trying to make this easier for him. If he wanted to have a chance to stay? He had to deserve it.
Jake scrubbed his hands over his face before looking back up and letting his eyes drift back and forth between the two of us. He had a different look on his face this time.. he looked serious for once in his life and not like this was one of his big jokes. "I have no where else to go. Things with Britt didn't end well... She spent every cent I have and now I have nothing," He said finally, looking genuinely ashamed for what he just admitted. 
Ryan looked at me as I shot her a glance and shrugged. I knew he was my brother and my decision, but I never took any without my wife, mostly if the said brother was going to spend more time with her than with me. "I'm going to put Sienna to bed," She said and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. It was only 7:30, I could see what she was doing there. But I wasn't ready to talk alone with Jake. 
"Give me a minute," I told my brother as Ry disappeared into the hallway. 
She walked into the nursery, turning the light on with her free hand and setting Sienna down in her crib. She already had a clean diaper and her jammies on, but she looked wide awake instead of ready for bed. "You're not tired, are you?" Ry frowned at her as she rolled onto her bed and gurgled out a laugh. 
"Monkey wants to spend more time with her papi instead," I walked in after a few moments of watching them and stood beside my wife, grabbing the baby's toes and making her squeal in joy. 
Ryan shot me a sideways glance and raised an eyebrow, "Are you avoiding your brother?" 
I grinned at Sienna, "What makes you think that?" 
"Because he's sitting in the living room alone and waiting for us to give him an answer," She replied, biting her lip at how silly I was being. 
I shrugged, "He's probably robbing us as we speak. We'll go out there and he'll be gone, along with the flat screen TV and anything worth grabbing." 
"Ha!" His voice interrupted us as he walked into the room with his arms crossed over his chest, "Look at these arms. Do you really think I could carry that gigantic TV and make a run for it?"
I turned my head to him slowly, my eyes narrowing on his smug face, "You shouldn't interrupt me while I talk to my wife. Or eavesdrop."
He raised one eyebrow at me, his grin back like his annoying attitude. What happened to be all serious because he was literally s.crewed?! "Calm your t.its Jo."
I widened my eyes, taken aback, while Ry let out a small laugh, "Oh dear god." She said under her breath, pretending to ignore us in favor or looking at Sienna who was back on her feet and bouncing on her knees with her hands wrapped around the wooden rail.
"I'm perfectly calm, exactly like you." I paused, lifting myself up in a straight position and looking at him with a grin on my face. If he was going to be a j.erk then I was going to be too. "The difference is that if I don't let you stay here you have nowere to go, so if I were you I'd start to worry."
My brother sighed and ran a hand through his curly hair, his eyes moving to Sienna who was smiling at him. "What do I have to do to stay here a few days? Get on my knees and begging you?" He asked, his tone far from amused.
"That would be good." I grinned but Ry elbowed me, giving me a look. "You could stop being a creeper...or an a.sshole."
"Jo! Do you want Sienna to learn how to cuss before learning how to say her name?" My wifey cut me off.
I rolled my eyes, knowing she had a point, but I got carried away, "Fine."
"I can do that Jo." Jake nodded, bending over the baby and playing with her thin her. It was crazy how she was able to make everyone fall in love with her...for what I knew, my brother didn't even like babies.
"Just that?" My wife furrowed her eyebrows at me, the tone of her voice questioning.
"No. You'll have to listen to Ryan and help her if she needs that whenever I'm not home." I said seriously, the idea sounding pretty good to me. "If she complains about you, I'll kick you out in less than a second."
My brother looked at my wife, picking Sienna up in the process as she made it more than obvious that she had no intention to sleep. "How did you get him so whipped?"
"It's pretty obvious." She grinned, rubbing her belly as she shrugged.
I wrapped one arm around her shoulders and pulled her body against me, "Do we have a deal?" I asked to Jake, ignoring his last sentence.
He nodded and Ry parted his lips before he could say a word, "And you're putting Sienna to bed," She said with a huge smirk on her face. That was hard to do.
My smirk matched Ry's as I shot my brother an amused glance, "Good luck with that."
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