young folks by peter bjorn and john
audrey micheals

monday december 31st;

Wow. It was the last day of 2012, a crazy year. Not only did my dad die, but I live with my mom now because of it, I transferred to a preppy private school, and I met two amazing guys. One in particular that I can't get out of my mind. 

Ryan, the most popular guy in school, and my stepbrother's best friend. I pushed him away though and he went to someone else. However, Ryan and Felicity had just split and that meant that Ryan was now on the market. 

Tonight was going to be perfect. It was new years and Mark invited at least two hundred people to our place to celebrate. Of course Ryan would be there, and that was the only reason I was excited.


People started shuffling in to our enormous penthouse and I suddenly became self conscious about how I looked. Sparkles weren't my thing, but I wanted to impress Ryan. Would he like my black maxi skirt and silver top? I hoped so.

I laid eyes on him when he arrived, and as I walked over, I froze. I ended up with three girls from my class, talking about guys they wanted to go home with after a midnight kiss. 

I acted casual all night, talking it up with everyone and laughing, even a bit with Ryan, and every time we were together, I could feel him looking at me.

It was almost midnight, and many of us were on the deck, counting down to midnight. I made my way to Ryan until the countdown started. "5...4...3...2...1..." and I made my move. I grabbed Ryan by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. It was hard and passionate, and it felt great.

I pulled away and he looked at me. "Umm," he started. 

In that moment, I half expected him to kiss me back. I didn't expect what actually happened...

Felicity walked over and kissed Ryan on the lips. "Hey, sorry I missed our midnight kiss." 

My jaw fell to the ground once again. Why was he always choosing her? I always came second to Felicity. Every time. 

"I should go." I said and walked away, not being able to hold my tears anymore. I wanted him to call my name again and pull me back, but he didn't. For all I knew, he was probably getting ready to go home with Felicity and spend the night with her. 

Because even when we were together, he still wanted to be with Felicity instead.

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