tomorrow midnight | Bethsabée

* Bethsabée Santillian
* Goes by Saba. Or Sab. Never, ever Beth. Seriously, No.
* Mid/Late 20s.
* Exorcist and monster-hunter extraordinaire.
* Hard-boiled b!tch.
* Well, not really. She's just super-dedicated to her job, and who can blame her?
* A bit of a closed book. Haunted, hunted, troubled. Tough, because she has to be tough. Used to locking up her feelings. You know, the archetypical tough-arse. Really cares about her team, and that scares her because the last time she cared about people she worked with she watched them all die horribly.
* For all she's the stoic, tough, mean-arse lady, she has a fun-loving side. She's not just sarcastic, she can be genuinely fun and sparky and spontaneous and even warm if the mood takes her. Problem is, she's so closed-up most of the time, the fun side of her comes out of the blue and takes even people who've known her for ages by surprise. Oh, and it can be pretty inappropriate. She's a whistle-past-the-graveyard kinda gal, and not always PC and sees the funny side in some pretty messed up stuff. Probably desensitized to it, y'know? But basically, when she's fun, she's amazing, but it doesn't happen very often.
* Kinda a mother hen under all the tough bluff. Nah, more a mama bear type character, but she does care. Even after all this time and all this sh!t.
* Much tattooed.
* Pretty well-read, especially on the occult. Kind of a badass bookworm. Secretly reads romance books.
* Likes bunny rabbits.
* Do we have to hammer in the point that she genuinely cares about her team? She's not good at showing it, but she does. She remembers birthdays and brings enough cake for everyone, for god's sake!
* A realist, tending towards pessimist.
* Of Venezuelan and Martiniquais heritage.
* Very lapsed Catholic.
* Could do with cleaning up her lexicon a little bit.
* Comes equipped with the best exorcist school (or whatever, eh) can teach, holy water and a very vintage gun. Just cos you never know.
* Lover of Fiammetta. Kind of repressed about it, and doesn't think anyone knows or notices. Of course, they -all- know Fia and Saba are a couple, but she's hilariously oblivious to this fact.
* Went to school with Oktyabrin and met Endellion during training. Views them both as little brother and little sister. Will fight anyone who calls Oktya or Fia as abominations. And that's a lot of people who should be on the same side as she.
* Hilariously blunt. Also, sometimes hilariously clueless.
* Kind of a hoarder of occult crap.
* Likes sugary treats. And occult stuff. And Fia... but shuttup about that one.

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