Just loving these pictures way too much! DONGWOON! <3 <3 *Again acting like a creeper while staring at these pics* LOL 

I'm so tired! Korean lessons are so time and energy consuming, we really didn't do anything difficult but my classmates force me to use all my autocontrol... they are all so lame! I really can't stand them, probably is the fact they're way too young but seriously I feel like if I was attending fangirl-stalk-and-act-like-desperate-in-front-of-the-teacher class T____T poor guy, he always tries to avoid these girls specially since they keep calling him oppa LOL poor him his expression is priceless whenever his students act like complete weirdos... cultural shock! I'd say... hehe on the bright side, he likes me since I call him 'teacher' instead and he likes learning few French words ^^
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