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I seem to have lost the ability to make sets I am content with. But the good news is I’m only 2 weeks behind on Holly now! Slowly getting there! Also usual disclaimer about flirting applies.

Holly Alexander; December 2

“Well what can I get you?” I heard Carlie asking someone flirtatiously which was enough to catch my attention. Usually I was the one that flirted and got all the numbers and Carlie was quite professional. Someone had to be really attractive to get her attention usually.

Watching the guy (whose face I couldn’t see sadly) he seemed familiar. But it was only when he rattled off his drink order (clearly for more than one person) that I realised who it was. Freaking Benjamin Harris.

I finished serving the guy I’d been flirting with before sliding over next to Carlie “I’ve got this one Carlie.” I smiled at her. Usually she just gave up and let me take the cute ones. Figures today was the day she didn’t.

“It’s fine Holly.” She smiled at me tightly, “I’ve got this one.” Which okay yea fair point Benny was totally fit but I saw him first. And this time I actually meant it.

“I can see it’s fine. But really I insist.” I said, glancing at Benny who was trying not to laugh.

“And really, I’m fine.” She hissed through gritted teeth.

“Well isn’t this nice.” Benny interjected with a shit-eating grin I was sure must be hereditary, “Having two lovely girls fighting over little old be.”

Carlie looked quite taken aback at how forward he was being for a stranger. Except he wasn’t a stranger. But Carlie thought he was. “Don’t get used to it Mr.” I wagged a finger at him teasingly, “I will fight over a man once and once only. This was your turn.”

“You won’t make a special exception for me?” He asked charmingly, leaning further over the bar towards me.

Carlie still looked shocked and confused which I’m not going to lie was pretty damn hilarious.

“Let me think about it.” I leant closer to him, pretending to consider it, “Nope.” I decided, leaning forward to peck his cheek lightly, “Not even for a man as charming and handsome as you.”

“Well that’s a shame.” He winked. “And here I thought what we had was something special Holly.” 

Right at that second both our attentions were grabbed by Carlie though who looked like she was about to pee herself. Or pass out. Or perhaps both. “Holly. What are you doing?” She hissed looking completely scandalised. 

I mean okay maybe I understood because we technically weren’t supposed to kiss customers (even on the cheek) and I was being more forward than usual. But I actually knew Benny. I was tempted to keep up the charade of not knowing Benny and I actually would have if I hadn’t noticed Sally and Terese also eyeing me warningly. 

I really didn’t want to loose my job so I smiled at him and said, “Aww Benny. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.” I paused for a beat before adding, “Alongside hundreds of other guys.”

“But mine will always be most special.” He was relentless that boy, “I mean unless you have hundreds of other guys willing to take you out to the Scorchers.”

I cracked a genuine grin at that, and the boy in general. “Well I suppose you might me a little bit special.” I winked at him before turning to Carlie, ignoring her incredulous stare and open mouth “Carlie you can serve Benny his drinks if you’re so insistent.” I breezed past her announcing to her and Terese, “I’m taking my break now.”

By the time I was out from behind the bar Carlie was sliding Benny’s drinks across the bar towards him, hilarious confused look still plastered over my face (I was never not going to find it amusing let’s be honest)

“Fancy meeting you here.” I smirked, leaning on the bar next to him. Carlie made fake gagging motions. We both chose to ignore you.

“What a coincidence.” He matched my smirk with one of his own.

“So what,” I said as we moved away from the bar to wherever (whoever) he was taking the drinks, “are you stalking me now or something.”

“No.” He laughed, “I didn’t even know you worked here.”

“So why are you here then?” I asked, following him because the idea he wouldn’t want me to hadn’t even entered my head.

“Some idiots from uni decided Sunday night would be a good night for clubbing.” He rolled his eyes.

“Sunday night is a good night for clubbing.” I told him because it was. Mostly because the boring office drone people weren’t here. Same as Thursday nights. “I didn’t realize you were an old man.”

“I’m not the one with a lecture at 8 tomorrow morning.” Which yeah okay might have been a fair point. It was 2am now and I would not fancy having to get up in 5 hours with a hangover.

“Oh. At risk of sounding like an old fart myself that does sound a bit stupid.” I winced just thinking about it. Plus the fact he had a new round of drinks meant none of them would be slowing down anytime soon clearly.

“When the bartender at a nightclub says it’s stupid you know it is.” He teased me, stoping at one of the tables that I assumed was his. Unless he made a habit of handing out drinks to random strangers.

“Benny found a lady friend.” One of them slurred when they spotted us (and proving they actually where Benny’s friends) “And she’s hot.”

Benny just rolled his eyes at the lot of them (who’d all start jeering. Which hey I worked here I was totally used to it) put the drinks on the table before grabbing my wrist and leading me off, his friends yelling about him getting lucky behind us.

“You do know you’re not actually getting laid tonight right?” I teased him with a flirty wink.

“Not tonight?” He said smirking, emphasis on the tonight.

“That’s what I said.” I laughed. Wondering why not tonight. I mean I could but I dunno I guess I was being responsible about work for once or something

“Well I’ll hold you to that.” He winked cheekily.

“You do that.” I told him solemnly, “But first, you have to dance with me.”

[ANTICLIMAX MUCH? Note: We’re just conveniently ignoring the fact Eve has a dress code/uniform/ w/e for the sake of this set. Good? Good!]
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Wrote 4 years ago
Well Holly's meant to have a life outside Benny unfortunately.
But I mean if I get to keep using Louis pictures... ;)
Nah. it's my AMAZING characterization of him [insert sarcasm here]

Wrote 4 years ago
I love Holly and Benny stories.
So, i think you should always include him.
I might just be saying that because Benny is Evie's brother. haha.

Wrote 4 years ago
@kkerry why thank you.
I swear i will EVENTUALLY et round to writing a story without him.
It's just every story i have planned atm [including her birthday] includes him :3

Wrote 4 years ago
YAY! Benny+Holly!


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