Sorry if this sucks or whatever, I'm like half dead with a cold. Taylor swift has been literally all I've been listening to this week, I just, I love her so much okay. So anyway, on Friday I had to go to this Halloween dance at my school, because a club I'm apart of was holding it, and literally no one came lol there were like, maybe 50 people, and they were all the outcasts of our school. But, it was alright either way, my friends were there and we got food so you know, win win. I dressed up like a sailor and everyone said I looked incredibly hot which was funny because, it wasn't even a really sexy costume. I guess it's just something about being a "sailor" but yeah, random people and teachers would come up to me and tell me how good I looked, so that was really nice c: Man, I want Chinese food so bad :c Okay bye.

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