7/3 Friday--

I look at the line in front of the club as our car pulls into the back. I'm playing at London's Front Row tonight and I'm as ready as ever. "Bloody hell Violet, get your head out of the clouds and get out of the car." Blake, our bassist, tells me as I shake the pictures of all the lights flashing in my head. We all walk into the back door of the club and are greeted by Eliza, Keira, and Lola. 
"So glad you guys made it on time" Eliza says looking down at the new Chanel watch she recently got. "You've got 15 minutes until your on" Keira chimes in.
I go to a quiet corner backstage and drink some water, keeping my mind completely calm. "Ready to go out, Vi?" Blake asks me. 
"Yeah just let my find my pack"
After finding my cigarette pack and a lighter I pace around and do my vocal routine with Blake.

We quietly walk onto the dimly lit stage and I delicately place my pack of cigarettes and lighter somewhere I won't kick them. I light myself a cigarette to start of the show and the lights brighten a little. "How are you guys tonight????? " and the crowd roars back. Next come the drums and our set starts off.

Towards the end of our set I'm putting down and picking up my cigarette I've been smoking and my hair looks like I've just gone for a swim. The lights violently flash for our last song and I'm climbing onto whatever is around to gain a little more height. The last note of the song finishes while I'm balancing on top of one of the amps with my heeled boots. I throw my empty water bottle into the crowd which jumps at it like hungry little piranhas. We all quietly walk off and take a breather before we go out to join the rest of the people in partying.

"Hey sorry I look like complete shit right now but how did you think we did up there?" I ask Cherry
"You guys did brilliant, I thought you were going to fall off that amp and into the crowd for a second."
"Yeah I was trying really hard to look like I had control of my balance but I think we should try crowd surfing at the end of our performances sometime."
We both drink our drinks and get pulled into the massive crowd of people dancing the night away to Iris Devoy's DJing.
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two comments

Wrote 7 years ago
you were awesome Vi! And you look gorgeous!
We reallu should though! We need to perform together sometime!

Wrote 7 years ago
so cool !!



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