Created on February 15, 2012, but Deidra (@deidra-le-reve) and Lulu (@silvermoons)
A high fashion roleplay inspired by the television show Glee.
An original idea, please, do not copy. 
"Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway." - Emory Austin
"Being apart of something special, makes you special, right?" - Rachel Berry 
"The only life worth living is one that you're really passionate about." - Emma Pillsbury
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Maya Angelou
Welcome to Lima, Ohio. Never heard of it? We're not surprised. This tiny little town sits smack dab in the suburbs of Ohio. It's one of those basic, small towns where teenage clichés take place and where the harsh reality about never getting anywhere in life is widely spread. But it's also here where talents blossom, where voices sound as sweet as a mockingbird's melody, and the show business world is seemingly untouchable. But don't worry, that doesn't stop the dreams of these teenagers. 
William McKinley High School, it's the classic, basic, public school, where the losers are tormented, and the jocks and cheerleaders are the kings and queens. They run this school, but trust me, we're not these people, we're the exact opposite. We're the ones that have voices that are Broadway worthy, but instead of being actually appreciated for our amazing talented, we're tortured constantly. It's one of those things. If you're not on the top of the food chain at this school, you're at the bottom, rock bottom, that is. Who exactly are we? 
We are the glee club, the one and only. We've lead our school to no competitions, no statewide championships as the cheerleading squad and football team has, but that's all about to change. We've loaded on a batch of perfect, star quality like kids. They have the voices of angels, a talent level beyond capacity, and we're ready to take over. 
No more being losers, no more slushies dripping down our clothes, and certainly, no more bullying and doubting ourselves. We're going to rise to the top, one championship at a time… but we're all definitely in for one hell of a ride, I mean, we are engagers after all. And a journey to nationals is a long journey, one filled with drama, hook ups, break ups, make ups, and a lot of secrecy. Are you ready for it?
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