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hello everyonee♡

& today was relaxed - my whole family was tired after everything that's happened to my brother. he's a lot better today(: ♡
i had an awesome morning, they played one direction on the radio three times, my dad got me a fresh chocolate crossiant, and the sunday times style magazine was having it's big spring issue(: ♡

- so @chloeadorable25 || the wife tagged me in this short thing to make you feel more secure about yourself, so here we go - 

list as many things as you can think of, as to why you're insecure ; 
+ i'm lanky, i don't have a ' f i g u r e'.
+ my thighs are h u g e ~ 
+ i have a tiny bump on my nose.
+ my stomach isn't f l a t.
+ i have so many spots&pimples.
+ i don't look like those pretty girls i see on tumblr, i see in magazines, i see all around me.

list at least five things you [ l i k e ] about yourself ;
+ i'm tall [ five foot eight ] ♡
+ i have eyes that change colour from blue to green ♡
+ i kinda like my hair, it's very versatile. ♡
+ i have good friends both on poly & in the outside world ♡
+ i have a really long torso & legs.♡
+ i can eat whatever i want & not put on anything♡
+ i've stayed the same weight [ around 119 pounds ] for about two years now. ♡

now, do this ; i dare you to look in the mirror every morning and say ' i'm beautiful '.

i would like all my beautiful tag list to do this please ♡

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

this is for the 2O13 summer coutdown battle group - round three ; to the beach ♡

i've followed all the requirements(: 

i've included a picture of the beach♡ [ five points ]

& at a beach party, i would sit by a campfire with all my friends. i don't know what we would do. maybe roast marshmallows, like they do in the movies. maybe sing a few songs, and someone would bring a guitar. we would go swimming, let the sea engulf us for a while, before drying off by the fire, just talking. listening to the sound of the waves. ♡

@aloha-its-linna your battle group is aweesomee. ♡

have a good day(:
- sorcha.xo
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